Soul Therapy Healing Centre ~ Elora Ontario

Sacred Women’s Gathering in the Avalon Temple

Soul Therapy Healing Centre 121 E Mill St,, Elora

A women's gathering taking place every Wednesday in the sacred Avalon Temple. We gather in a safe and sacred space for you to express and witness your transformation as well as those of others. As women gather in these ancient ways, we awaken our wombs, we claim our power, we find our voice, and we […]

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Preconception to Motherhood

Soul Therapy Healing Centre 121 E Mill St,, Elora

Becoming a parent is the most life-altering transformational experience that most women and men are unprepared- for. Today's child desires to be fully expressed, seen and heard, sharing their creative, innovative wisdom leading to a strong community of shared beliefs, vocally expressing their truth and demanding actionable change in the world. Most parents do not […]

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