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Choosing to educate yourself to be a better person, mother, teacher, therapist, educator, parent, health care provider, or coach by understanding the personal attributes of a child, leads one to become a healthier version of themselves.

Each child is unique as is each human being.
The spirit of your child comes into Earth with a specific role, destination, character/personality traits that desire to be expressed.

As a parent who has a child on the spectrum and is spiritually evolved, Earth is a challenging place to be oneself in all aspects outside of traditional social norms.
It's difficult for mothers to be, parents, fathers, grandparents, teachers, and health care providers to understand the inner work and mental/emotional development needed to grow in understanding a new paradigm that children need from you.
Being a parent is a journey of evolutionary education and spiritual, emotional, and mental development. Soul Therapy School® provides the necessary educational tools, hands-on approach, and methodologies to enhance your well-being as a mother, soon to be mother or person in preconception to develop the inner world of sensory perception allowing you to be open to changes, understand your limitations, and belief systems that keep you stuck in an old paradigm and stop you from fully loving your child, yourself and have a healthy family dynamic, no matter what stage you are at or have been.

Our planet is in desperate need of a generation of parents to challenge social cues, change the roles of gender identifications, and open up new possibilities for the spirit of your child, in preconception to motherhood to welcome a new way of living on Earth.

Soul Parent | Spiritual Parent™ Understands Compassion  Kindness Patience  Presence Loves  

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