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Welcome to the Enchanted Village of Elora


Welcome to the enchanted village of Elora, an international destination for romance, creativity, rejuvenation, and a place to create unique memories with loved ones. Soul Therapy Healing Centre is a premier experience of higher learning in a therapeutic and elegant atmosphere. Located in the landmarked historic building, Drew House, across from Elora’s famous farmer market & the spectacular grand river. 


Generational Healing®

Family Health

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Your mind, body and soul desire to experience your authentic self. Remove the layers of doubt, self sabotage and the confusion that lingers around one’s identity.

Book a consultation to find out if a 6-week or 3-month program is right for you.

One of our Licensed Soul Therapist will support you to begin to own parts of self that long to be heard, seen and loved. 

Your child has a unique spiritual presence that seeks to show you parts of yourself that desire more love, compassion and presence. We focus on areas of preconception, pregnancy, birth and reclaiming family dynamics. 

Schedule a free 35-minute consultation to begin working with one of our Licensed Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Educators. 

Your Ancestors lived through various experiences that are still living through you. What you may think is ailing your wellbeing, your mind, emotions or even your physical health can be attributed to an Ancestor unhealed issues. Come experience a Generational Healing® with one of our certified practitioners.

Experiencing your original blueprint, the matrix of your creation as seeded into your cosmic self is what transpires during a StarLineage Initiation™. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are altered to align you to your original design as a multi-dimensional being.

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Upcoming Trainings


Certification Training

Generational Healing® Certification TRaining

Date: June 19-25

13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Global

Online Global Apprenticeship

online apprenticeship training for women

Enrollment is Open Begins May 19


Professional Licensing

Soul Therapist Licensing
training program

*Begins september 21


Professional Licensing

Soul PArent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator
*Begins September 23

You Deserve to be loved & held in a sacred way

dedicated toyour body, mind and spirit

Reach out and schedule your healing session or book directly into one of our programs

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