Soul Therapy guides women to the understanding of her true authentic self, by embracing her power and releasing her past. Our Licensed Soul Therapist are professionally trained and dedicated to supporting you to live your Souls True Essence.  

Your past stories of pain and suffering may not be the reality you choose to exist in at present, but your thoughts might tell you harmful and misguided stories that are no longer true for you, but the pain is.

Your Soul has guided you to arrive here to remember your truth. Your truth like most, is hidden, buried a long time ago, your soul is wanting you to explore the truth of who you are. This begins and ends with self-love.

You are incredible, a delight to the senses, a worthy and powerful individual of inspiration. 

You are a powerful creator, you might have forgotten that your existence was chosen by you to learn how to evolve your Soul. Your life lessons are stepping stones toward freedom and liberation, yet most people see them as struggles, challenges, obstacles that stand in their way by something or someone other than themselves.

At Soul Therapy, you are provided with the methods and teachings to realize and live from your authentic self. This is a place within you that has the power to change her thoughts, behaviors, beliefs that are not supporting you today. These are past conditions that have molded you but are not uniquely you at all, they are fragmentations of others unhealthy patterns and belief systems. At Soul Therapy School® Deborah Skye teaches that 97% of your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and feelings are conditioning. her aim and focus is to show the truth of your human experience and why you are here.

The power you have within you is hiding behind the shadow of fear. 

You are not here to suffer and feel pain, but that is what most of society experiences and lives with, believing this is normal, it isn’t.  Soul Therapy reveals the truth of your existence by empowering you to become aware of your creations, harness your internal intelligence and open a foundation of pure genius that is available to anyone who seeks it, to live life from a powerful place of freedom.

100% we respect your privacy.

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