Welcome to Soul Therapy, your Soul has brought you here to heal, remember, ignite, console, prepare, awaken and release what once served you but now is just a fragment of what used to be.

Your Soul has activated you into arriving here for the betterment of your existence, for your family and for reclaiming a place of self-love within your own being.

You are incredible, a delight to the senses, a worthy and powerful Goddess of inspiration. You might not think that right now but after Discovering Your Souls Purpose you will understand exactly who this inspirational Goddess is, she’s YOU.

Your past stories of pain and suffering may not be the reality you choose to exist in at present, but your thoughts might tell you harmful and misguided stories that are no longer true for you, but the pain is.

Soul Therapy helps you release the past to embrace the future with a Courageous Soul and embark upon a future education dedicated to your Souls True Essence.

You are a powerful creator, you might have forgotten that your existence was chosen by you to learn how to evolve your Soul. Your life lessons are stepping stones toward freedom and liberation, yet most people see them as struggles, challenges, obstacles that stand in their way by something or someone other than themselves.

Soul Therapy serves your Soul Purpose.

We provide you with the tools to realize and embody your Spirituality while living an empowered life in the human experience. At Soul Therapy School® Deborah Skye teaches that 97% of humanity is in the ‘conditioning’ of life, her aim and focus is to show the truth of your human ‘experience’ and why you are here.

The power you have within you is hiding behind the shadow of fear.

You are not here to suffer and feel pain, but that is what most of society experiences and lives with, believing this is normal, it isn’t. It’s been designed this way purposefully to benefit a select group of people on this planet and not all of humanity. Soul Therapy reveals the truth of your existence by empowering you to become aware of your creations, harness your internal intelligence in which your cells are activated by your Soul Memory, and lay open a foundation of pure genius that is available to anyone who seeks it, to live life from a powerful place of freedom.

In 1999 Deborah Skye opened up her private practice in Melbourne, Australia, then moved to Vancouver, BC where Soul Therapy thrived and with the demands of weekly seminars and a full practice she was lead to the Sunshine Coast in BC where The School of Inner Light was born overlooking Garden Bay on 10 acres of pristine Mountain. In 2007 Soul Therapy Studio’s opened in the heart of Toronto in Yorkville to a fully booked clientele featuring International Speakers and serving 10,000’s of people from all walks of life, religion, cultures, beliefs and spiritual desires. In 1991 Deborah Skye had a profound Spiritual Awakening that brought her to Costa Rica where she lived alone in the jungle, it is here that she remembered the ways of the Shamanic path and fully embraced her Soul Purpose.

“Living in the jungle alone was my training grounds, it is where I accessed lifetimes of Earth Wisdom and communicated with the Elders. The Wisdom Teachings were the foundation of my diving deeply into Earth’s Wisdom and as she spoke to me I was taught how to speak into the Earth, to breath her breathe, to feel her heartbeat and to remember her ways of the ancient speak. It is here that I received the name Skye.

I co-existed with an Elder Medicine Woman who oversaw this land and taught me her ways, sharing in the ways of Shamanic teachings from tens of thousands of years ago, listening to the heart song of Mother Earth. I learned her medicine and understood the knowledge held within the elemental world and I watched how she communicated, without words and with great deliberation to each tone which was brought into the ethers, for the air carries the breath. It is here that I learned how to utilize my Spiritual Gifts in full awareness, my telepathic abilities were fine tuned and the consciousness of life force was explained in detail of how it interacted with creation herself. The clarity of my abilities that were being schooled since I was a young child were able to run freely here and I experience the freedom of living in the jungle alone as nature taught me with great discipline how to expand and contract cosmic and earth frequencies.”

She continues this path daily by inviting other women to join her in being supported through her mentoring programs, online courses and global Soul Renewal Retreats at her home in the mountains and in the Sacred Temples of the Maya and Inca. Deborah Skye is recognized as the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy and North America’s #1 Soul Therapist.

She is a Bestselling Author, Founder of Soul Therapy School® and Director of The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy + Training Institute. For 33 years, Deborah Skye has been actively serving humanity and the Earth, providing support, guidance and health in over 45 countries and to 10,000’s of clients. She leads Sacred Soul Renewal Retreats to the Temples and Pyramids around the world, offer women and children the opportunity to experience first hand their relationship to the Divine Within, open up to their Spiritual Gifts and to bring that awareness and ability when returning home to their “normal” life.

Each year she partakes in 20+ day retreats alone in the jungle to connect with her Council, unplug from the bustling demands of society and rejuvenate her emotional + mental body as her gifts are in high demand throughout the world, assisting families, women and children through life’s challenges.

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