Who Do You Think You Are Fooling? This Is A Divine Wake -Up Call!

I see it daily on social media, hear it from my clients from around the world, I see it in the growth of humanity and the shame the hinders their growth all at the same time. I have a question for you: “How much do you desire happiness, inner peace, financial richness and soulful vitality?” […]

Clearing Your Subconscious Mind

One of the most fascinating experiences during a past life regression therapy session is when I access the subconscious mind, where the Universal Mind resides, the key to all lifetimes, soul experiences and knowledge from your Soul Akashic records.  Clearing the subconscious mind provides ample benefits on the emotional, mental and physical level by releasing […]

FAQ’s on PLR

Certified Past Life Regression Therapy Therapist: Deborah Skye King Past Life Regression Therapy is the one of the most complete therapy tools I have every had the privilege to facilitate. I am able to use all of my gifts as a healer, as a empath and as an individual who sees into the past and […]

Your Game, Your Blame, Your Shame = “Your Story”

It’s a powerful indicator when we emotionally experience our past in the present moment and become conscious of it, and it usually happens every minute if we are not in check with ourselves. It shows up in how we communicate (lovingly to others and self, or negatively), how we presently hold ourselves physically (the strong […]

Past Lives-How Do You Know It’s Real?

This Video shares Candice’s Questions and Inquiries into Past Lives: She is about to have her first Session with me and this is our consultation prior to the work itself: This video shares what has happened since the first Session and answers the question: “Does this really work?” Candice’s life since the first session has […]

Past Life Regression Therapy

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy? [Audio clip: view full post to listen] World Renown  Regression Therapist Dolores Cannon & Deborah Skye on Soul Therapy Radio Since a very young age, Past Lives were as normal to me as watching TV, it was a part of my daily life. Since the age of 6 past […]

Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression? Since the age of six I have been exploring, surrounded and deeply engaged in past life exploration. Many people desperately seek solutions to their insatiable quest for knowing why certain traumas have happened in their life, why they are in toxic relationships or why they have financial difficulties, these pressing […]

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