Dr. Brain Weiss M.D Miracles Happen The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories

“Whenever my patients and workshop participants successfully remember one of their past lives, a direct avenue to divine wisdom and to physical or emotional wellness is established. The awareness that we have had multiple lifetimes, separated by spiritual interludes on the other side, helps to dissolve the fear of death and to bring more peace and joy into the present moment. Sometimes, just the remembrance of past-life traumas leads to incredible insights and healing. This is the rapid route.”

Clearing Your Subconscious Mind

One of the most fascinating experiences during a past life regression therapy session is when I access the subconscious mind, where the Universal Mind resides, the key to all lifetimes, soul experiences and knowledge from your Soul Akashic records.  Clearing the subconscious mind provides ample benefits on the emotional, mental and physical level by releasing […]

Past Life Regression Certificate Training Program Toronto November 2012

On November 17-18th 2012 I will be teaching this years only LIVE Past Life Regression Training Program in Toronto. In this life changing and evolutionary spiritually enhancing 2 Day Conference, you will receive your Past Life Regression Certification Therapist that will add value to your current method of healing, therapy or coaching that you personally […]

FAQ’s on PLR

Certified Past Life Regression Therapy Therapist: Deborah Skye King Past Life Regression Therapy is the one of the most complete therapy tools I have every had the privilege to facilitate. I am able to use all of my gifts as a healer, as a empath and as an individual who sees into the past and […]


Book Your Session Here First and Last Name: E-Mail Address: Preferred day and time Phone Reading-Soul Healing ~Clearing-Healing On All Levels~ Very Powerful – Deborah Skye speaks directly with your guides and ancestors to heal and clear any obstructions that are taking place in the present. Multi-Level-Dimensional Clearing Takes Place We are so much more […]

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