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Soul Therapy was born in the jungles of Costa Rica with a desire to serve humanity from the Soul level.

In 2007 Soul Therapy Studios was opened in Yorkville, Toronto. It became an instant success with media coverage, international seminars and workshop to sacred travels to the Maya lands in Mexico and now to Guatemala.Today, there are online courses, 3-12 month programs, tele-series and webinars for our members and Certificate Trainings for career enhancement and for a life shift.

The core element of where Soul Therapy emerges from is the heart. We speak and share from the heart, we grieve from the heart and we mourn and celebrate from the heart. All indigenous tribes come from the heart of Mother Earth and this is where Soul Therapy comes from also, from within the core of our being, the heart. From this space all healing occurs from the matrix of our cellular memories, to the future that pulls us toward our greatness, it all resides and pulsates from this inner truth.

It is with our honor that we bring to you your truth in the presence of your Divine Self, your Soul Therapy, a journey that accepts your brilliance and ultimately empowers all who you come into contact with. You have the future in your hands to make a difference with your children, your community of friends, relatives and all of your own relations, whom ever they may be, seen and unseen.

We ask that you employ an open heart and open mind as you take a journey through your own Soul Therapy as you read and listen to our stories here and you might find a glimpse into your own.

With Blessings,

Deborah Skye

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