Soul Therapy School®

Soul Therapy School®

“In 9 Months You Can Be Trained & Certified In One Of The Most Cutting Edge 21st Century Licensed Training Programs On The Planet! Provide Your Clients With Powerful & Effective Therapeutic Value To Their Healing Process While Delivering Quantum Leaps In Your Own Business & Spiritual Evolution”

Each year I see hundreds of people in my private practice, teach globally from the comfort of my home and travel the world to sacred sites and 5 star locations where I get the luxury of living life on my terms and exploring my Soul desires for the greater good of humanity while fulfilling my own personal needs. I am a Mother, an Entrepreneur and a Soul Therapist®. I believe you could also live this life, if you choose to. Having the freedom to travel was not always available to me, nor was it a vision that I could see take place for at least another 5 years! What happened to change all that? I decided that enough was enough, I was no longer going to play by the rules and feel like a victim to a system that did not hold my values to their heart, I made a choice and it changed my life and the lives of thousands of people in return.

Are You Waiting To Be of Service To The World?

Do you know or feel that you have a greater calling than what you are presently experiencing?

Do you want to merge your spiritual beliefs with the world you experience daily while living your truth? 

Do you want to make connections with other women around the globe that have the same desires and intentions as you do, to collaborate and share in the journey together, so you no longer feel alone in your vision and yearnings?

Deborah Skye King Licensed Soul TherapistDeborah Skye is a Global Leader in Personal & Planetary Transformation. She has the ability to know exactly what is holding you back and will mentor you to eliminate the self-sabotaging beliefs and empower you to take action courageously based on your Soul desires and needs.



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