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Deborah Skye has been assisting parents who’s children are experiencing anxiety, insecurities, nightmares, unknown phobias, ADD, ADHD and other sensitivities that have been labeled by doctors and teachers as something that needs special attention is an area of focus that has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade.

Children with ADHD show signs of inattention, hyperactivity, and/or impulsivity in specific ways.

These children:

Does this sound like your child? If so, who and how did you learn to think that this is wrong? Are you being shamed as a parent in society because teachers at overcrowded, underfunded schools are not professionally trained to communicate effectively with today’s new children? The list above was taken from WebMD…and this is a common definition defined by the pharmaceutical industry and doctors on how to witness a child who might display tendencies of ADHD, depression and/or anxiety to be treated with medication. Did you sit still when you were a child? Did you squirm and fidget, did you not listen to your parents all the time or your teachers, did you not play quietly, did you talk too much, interrupt others, were you distracted or not finish everything you started as child? Of course NOT! Your a child! These behaviors above are for conditioned adults who abide by societies rules and regulations on how to behave with others, as a child you don’t listen all the time, and you better not be sitting still and quiet I might think you are dead with your eyes wide open. Seriously parents, you need to start questioning the institution who are putting together these ridiculous assumptions that this type of behavior is something to be labeled and then drugged to behave according to a drone and abide by the rules.

Today’s child is much more attuned to not be exposed to adult toxic emotional and mental toxicity and abuse. Past generations this type of behavior was blindly excused, denied and supported as normal, to verbally, physically or sexually abuse children due to the adult inability to cope with their own reality and deal responsibly with their lives, creating entangled relationships and passing on their grief, shame and ignorance of expressing unconditional love. Today’s child demands integrity, honesty and respect. These children are operation at a whole new level and are asking for us as adults to play catch up to them.


Why Are Our Children Different & Being Labeled ADHD or Depressed?

Children today are highly attuned to many unknown frequencies and energies that they are open and are extremely sensitive within their environments, in utero, at birth and in society. Today’s child has a very unique and different energy system and perspective on life than generations past, it’s a natural process of Earth’s evolution.

While working with parents in understanding why their child is frantic, despondent, depressed, is experiencing high anxiety or sensitivities to their environment showing up in ways that might look like they are disinterested or not engaged in life, social norms or friendships, there is a whole other world taking place within them, this is where Deborah Skye’s expertise comes in.

Each session for a child is 45 minutes which are done globally, Deborah Skye does not have to be present to talk with your child, as her gifts allow her to have a conversation anywhere with anyone, especially with today’s child. Each program consists of 3 sessions with the parent and one session with the child depending on age the session can be in person or via phone, if the child is younger than 6 years old, then the work will be done alone between the child’s higher in tune self and Deborah Skye.

All sessions are recorded except the one between child and Deborah Skye as this remains confidential with relative information going to the parents or parent about their involvement, the healing attributes are expressed by the child, not the parent.

Deborah Skye has worked with babies as young as 2 months old in Mexico, to assisting teenagers in California from understanding their life purpose and going for it and educating her/his parents of what action they must take while coaching the parents to harness a completely new outlook on what their child’s need are compared to what they believe via past generational imprinting.

Bringing Deborah Skye in as your child’s Soul Therapist will enable you as a parent to understand their inherent beauty and wisdom your child has, an incurable diagnosis is not always what you may think, there are deeper roots to why your child is experiencing her physical, emotional or mental life the way she is. It is extremely beneficial as a parent to understand your child’s Soul development and how you may be placed at ease in society as to how you relate to your child’s future.

Deborah Skye will be a partner of education and support to assist in healing the rift, stress, overwhelm and miscommunication that might be taking place when unable to cope with your child’s temper and sensitivity. To use medication as a mean to control the situation is not a long term solution, it is one that will lead to years of dependency, addiction and a loss of creative expression.

Please do not give up hope on your child’s current needs, educate yourself to empower yourself to no longer feel like you cannot deal with your children and bring to your family hope and healing.

Packages for Parents & Children To Unite & Feel Hope

You as the parent will be educated by your child’s session by understanding exactly what is happening and how to help and assist your child to be comfortable in her/his body and to create a healthy emotional/mental boundary to assist your child to feel loved, safe and heard.

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