Have you ever wondered if your past lives are still influencing your current life? Having difficulty in releasing past issues with family, friends, relationships? Are you not able to let go of stress, depression and sadness? Most of these and many more ailments are past life issues still playing out, physical illness and pains are often caused by the body remembering an old wound. Once the past life is recalled the issues heal themselves most of the time immediately. You can make a list of anything you would like to know for yourself from the spirit side. The session is taped for your convenience so you can listen to it when ever you like. Deep healing takes place on many levels as you become clear with what it is you are to let go of Past Life Regression Therapy: Benefits Of A Past Life Regression.

Past Life Spiritual Therapy is becoming one of the most sought after therapies that is offered to assist individuals to help clear up unwanted mental, physical and emotional disruptions within an individuals life. Each person also receives new insights and profound realizations from a regression about what your life’s purpose is and begins to focus on what is beneficial for your life and well being.You also get the opportunity to meet your spirit guides and ask questions that only they know from a soul’s perspective
“Deborah Skye King has helped me in many ways. Professionally, she offers many excellent services to develop the mind, body and soul, but what I like best about Skye is that she is a genuinely loving, caring and a gentle being who empowers us to better ourselves and therefore better humanity. My past-life regression was a life changing experience that expanded my awareness and my view of the cosmos. Thank you Skye.” – KC
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Deborah Skye is a Master Energy Healer, a modern day Shaman. She heals at the deepest core of your being where the imprints and blockages are, at your cellular level, your DNA. Here, the energy frequency releases undesired imprints, generational impressions that are not your own yet have been carried through your blood lineage. These imprints no longer serve you for your highest good, as there are many genetic lineages that are embedded with fear, scarcity and survival mechanisms, that do not relate to the world you are living in now. Deborah Skye she has seen the transformations and changes that take place within an individual in such a short period of time, some clients in one session. Deborah Skye encourages you to engage in your own healing process and become aware of your own personal power, thereby creating a healthy balance and supportive opportunity for growth on all levels. Distant Healing is a powerful method of healing, Deborah Skye has been facilitating distant healing for over two decades and is part of her Shamanic training.

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