Sacred Voyage To Avalon Awakening The Goddess Within

Luminous, my daughter is turning 13 I have gifted her with a 12 day sacred voyage to ancient lands of Avalon in Glastonbury, UK as an initiation into the sacred ways of the Goddess. This was all of her own doing, asking me for months if we can go to Avalon to celebrate her thirteenth birthday with the priestesses of Avalon. After an epic experience with an owl, her animal medicine, I could not back down from this auspicious quest.
Luminous already knew many ancient secrets of Avalon, she was asking for a reminder and insight into what she is to do in this world with her gifts and her talents. She was desiring to be doing what makes her happy all the time to feel fulfilled and on purpose.
Today’s child wants to know why they are here and how to be living their purpose much earlier than most adults ever thought about it. If you find your child anxious, worried or stressed about what they are going to do in their life, don’t worry, this is very normal for the 10-14 year old who is awakening to their inner beauty, they know they are here for a purpose, they just might know what that is. Your guidance and support as a parent or guardian can direct them towards a healthy inner life and a powerful exterior one too. 
Avebury and Silbury Hill, Incredible Beauty! 
UK silbury hill
We experienced an epic day at Avebury! We were called to this ancient and beautiful village early morning to witness the Archdruid of Avebury and Keeper of the Stones, Terry Dobney invoke lighting from the top of Silbury Hill. Yes, invoke lighting. Not your everyday sight but auspiciously we were guided to be here for August 1st, in the Druid/Pagan calendar it is Lughnasadh.
What an incredible experience to witness this ritual from the Archdruid of Avebury elicit the elements to gather storm clouds as the wind changed course, the air chilled, dark clouds developed and it poured down on us. Minutes before we were looking upon a landscape of open sky and big puffy white clouds. We smiled at each other and loved every moment of it, this was one of Luminous’s dreams coming true, to be amongst he Druids, and there she was standing beside a large man, long white beard, staff in hand asking questions and he in turn was fascinated by her.
Luminous & Druid Avebury
Did I say epic?!

We meditated inside a crop circle, our first, went inside an ancient cave that was teeming with stories from within it’s stone encasement, Luminous was visited by the spirit of an elder woman as I watched in full display who and how the peoples from times past lived here. So much transpired today, took 200+ photo’s, sang into the standing stones, danced and played in the village and was so tired we had to sit down at the pub to recuperate our senses. Here is Luminous with her wand inside the cave after we walked inside the crop circle…exhausted in the most amazing way. 
Question: How is your guidance and actions as a parent, preparing your child, no matter what their age, into a future that is built on self confidence, inner trust and integrity to their desires? Are you supporting their desires, even if they are not part of your belief system or in alignment to what you want? Are you opening allowing your child to share with you and to trust you as their go to person to reveal their most inner goals and dreams?
As a parent teaching evolutionary education, I am open to developing the aspects and nurturing Luminous at her core. Even if and when it goes directly against mainstream beliefs and systems. I’ve been busting those systems since I was a child myself, so I do have an advantage to operating with the mindset that I do. Women who enroll into Soul Therapy School® come to realize that it takes all components of their well being are to support their children’s future legacy.
I would love to hear from you where you are stuck or challenged as a parent or what goals your child has that you can support. Post your ideas, challenges, questions or experiences below.


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