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Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss Deborah Skye is Certified as a Professional Past Life Regression Therapist, she is globally recognized as the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy & North America’s #1 Soul Therapist. Highly sought out by media for interviews and embarks on yearly research projects in the Mayan Jungles to share information of our growing planetary desire to transform and heal at this incredible time in our Evolution.

Since the age of 6, Deborah Skye has experienced her past lives which have been the stepping stones to passionately engage others into discovering who they are, why trauma or suffering is/has happened to them and then to empower her clients through conscious awareness and healing their core issues via past life regression therapy and her online programs and Sacred Retreats for mentoring women globally and leading Soul Therapist Licensing Training Programs internationally.

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All Private Sessions are extremely effective and life changing, safe, relaxing and brings most people peace of mind, closure and remind you of your spiritual connection. Most of all, it will bring you clarity to some of the questions that you have kept to yourself for years, sometimes decades, secretly hiding or searching for answers. It is our natural tendency to move toward wholeness and your Soul desires connectivity, Regression Therapy allows this connection to come into a place of wholeness and expansion.

Dr. Brian Weiss & Deborah Skye King

Most people experience themselves as separate from others and disconnected from their own personal truth. Doing a PLR provides you with a direct experience of why you are in the situation you are presently in, why you are

experiencing the discomfort you are, and what the solution is to heal it, on any level. Deborah Skye will guide you to the exact point of origin that the issue first came from, surprisingly most people see the same key players in other lifetimes, mostly family and intimate lovers.

Your session will last for 2 hours in duration and include a 30 minute consultation, full relaxation technique along with the deep subconscious regression that will bring you to the exact place your soul desires you to see, to learn more, to grow, to let go and to forgive. 99.5% of people experience a great relief from mental, emotional and physical challenges and blocks, it takes a lot of energy to continue to carry impressions of other lives that are incomplete.

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