Entanglement: Our Soul’s Journey and The Emotional Body, An Exploration

Have you ever felt like you yearn to be with someone ALL the time, or be close to them, even though you are already together? Thinking of a past lover from decades ago and you can never seem to get them out of your mind or your heart? Meet someone new and have the distinct feeling you have known them for lifetimes? You most likely have. Quantum entanglement can explain these emotional responses to what might seem improbable.

Entanglement is the when two particles (that particle being you and another) mirror each other no matter the distance in between. I’d like for you to imagine this, the Spiritual understanding that we are all one, and the big bang theory, that everything originated from one source and then dispersed into smaller particles. Meaning, that you and I are connected at the quanta level, photon light waves intermingle between my cells as much as they do yours. But, when you and I have merged our fields of particles, co-dependency or intimate love making, then entanglement becomes more evident in our lives.

Let me explain it this way, and this is why the ancient texts are so precise about who you choose as your lover. Every time you engage sexually with someone, you become entangled in every relationship and lover they have ever been with, having the most recent or emotionally felt relationship being the primary overriding energy that sustains the distance between you and him while making love. Ever get that illusive feeling like your partner is not present or get flashes of another woman and just shrug it off? Might not be your imagination but your sensitivity to the energetic entanglement that currently surrounds your lover. Not only is your energy merging with his, but also with every other person he has engaged with and vice versa. Makes it pretty clear to me why selection and integrity in sharing your energy should be high on your list, your choice ultimately.

Feeling blue out of a sudden? Could of been that ex boyfriend thinking of you while with another woman. See, it’s a complex universe we live within and there are laws that create the very essence of our well being, not just the food we eat or the people we hang out with, but by the choices we make with every interaction and on multiple levels of consciousness. Most people in this world do not have access to these levels of awareness that dwell in the quantum field of entanglement, for me, it’s a direct correlation to the work that I do with my clients, unveil the entanglements that hinder or block their current life’s path of success and happiness.  Hindu’s call this the law of karma and scientist call it quantum entanglement where two particles no matter how far in distance or time from one another have a distinct relationship that keeps them bound energetically at the quanta level, this is an interface of past and future or parallel realities/dimensions that are all correlating amongst one another. It takes a keen listeners to hear all that is surrounding a current or future relationship with self or other and how it abides by universal law of entanglement.

All the people that you have had intimate relations with have become part of your story and will continue on via your cellular memory that stores your emotional body experiences throughout time and space. Your soul continues to store these physical encounters that are replicated and repeated throughout lifetimes with the same soul that you continue to repeat emotional and mental patterns that are not yet healed, yes, they are usually traumatic or dysfunctional aspects of your relationship and of self considering quanta is one unit that then disperses into other fields, yet merged and united by entanglement.

Entanglements are like fine wires that are energetically charged and co-dependent upon one another. It’s similar to a power struggle between two or more people who are in constant need of the physical connection of each other even though they are always vying for attention or outdoing one another by creating powerful dynamics in their relationships. 

When entanglements take place from past lives, we meet another soul who we recognize, or feel such a profound connection with a lover even though it might be an unhealthy relationship, it is one that compels you to stay, that my dear friend is entanglement. You cannot make logical sense out of it, but you definitely know there is something that has tied you together.

The emotional body understands it’s past records and contracts it has kept with every single soul it has ever met and agreed upon to serve. That is why the human physical body is highly intelligent, more so than the mind- yes, I said it out loud-MORE than your mind by a trillion times. You storehouse of knowledge held within the matrix of your quantum particles is omnipotent and every expansive. What I adore about the work that I do with thousands of women and men around the world is that I get to clean out the fields that have merged into sub-particles causing a disturbance in the relationship to their own self here and now.

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  1. I can really relate to this article. When my husband and I first met, there was no fighting the divine will. It was as if our cells were being magnetically pulled together with an incredibly strong force. It was not a visual thing, but so physical it was undeniable.

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