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Do You See Into The Divine Or Are You Held Back By Your Ego?

When we realize that we are the creators of our reality, we learn to honor and respect one another with a depth of love that is felt and heard through our words and actions.

I was sitting across from my friend having lunch in a quiet restaurant, when suddenly I shift my perspective as I found myself not fully listening. I realized I stepped out of the listening and was mesmerized by a hazy distant place, what I term: lazy attention syndrome.This happens when your ego takes over and begins to self reflective and not co-creating an experience. Co-creation happens every time you interact consciously with a person, place or thing.

To honor her and return to my present state of awareness, I acknowledge internally her uniqueness, the way her mind races with stories she has told countless times to others and herself while her hands moved rapidly in the air, pointing and expressing what was filling her up inside that compelled her to share so passionately her experience with me. I watched closely as her eyes move across the room and realized that we were just unconscious in our exchange with one another, taking for granted that I wanted to hear her story or that I was even paying attention. This all happened in less than 3 minutes, the perception and the slight tweak of grounding myself in alignment to her heart and then her Soul.  She was unconscious of her behaviors but my actions change her pattern and she realized at a deep level a shift had occurred and she slowed down her pace, her mind took a breath and she became aware of my observations. We both smiled at one another, knowing we had not been fully invested in our experience with one another.

This is how we shift perspective and vibration, by becoming aware of our own being and others. Most individuals are unconscious of their patterns, how their ego drives them to react or act out daily causing internal stress, frustrations and most of all, chaos and confusing when life really isn’t that confusing in the first place.

When we open up to the idea that we are creating our world, our emotions, our environment every step of the way we call into action our Divine Self to be at the forefront enabling us to courageously take a stand for what we desire and truly want.

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As we sat there gazing into each others eyes, a new wonder of possibility began to be experienced.  We were both conscious and aware of her words and her actions. She opened up a space for me to respond to her as she is now outside of the realm of the ego, she is centered in her own story yet desired to share her experience. This is how we returned to our Divine Self. We got present to each others Soul, acknowledged each others beauty and presence. How many times do we honestly listen to another without a thought of our own interrupting the sequence or patter of emotions that the other person is sharing with us? When we surround ourselves with other individuals who are striving and living in the place that we desire to dwell, we emerge evolved in our relationship to the Divine within and harness the tools that have been provided to us. Remember, it’s our story, our own creation.

Your ego are the judgements, the constant belittling of the unworthiness of oneself, the complaining of what has happened in the past or is still happening, the lack of certainty, the lack of faith in oneself and Spirit.

Here are 3 Key Steps To Living An Empowered Life Through The Divine:

  1. Acknowledge that you were born to be magnificent and extraordinary, just the fact that you are here on this website, reading these words is testament enough to state that you are not seeking a mundane predictable life. You know you are extraordinary and you desire more out of your life.
  2. Recognize that the Divine within you is impulsing you every moment to embody your Soul Essence and to live abundantly.
  3. When your ego shows up, causing inner turmoil, pain and confusion, take a deep breath. Touch your heart and remind yourself that your human self needs to be fully grounded to experience the Spiritual beauty that is present in your life.

Becoming aware of your ego needs and spiritual desires takes time to observe oneself and others through the perception of the Soul. Ego needs to feel secure while the Divine is secure and knows it, she only desires to enhance her Spiritual Earthly  experience.

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