Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012

This mornings speakers were encapsulated in a vibrant energy, a group of Mayan Scholars, Cosmologist and Spiritual Guides from the Mayan Council (which they prefer to be called, rather than Elders or Shamans), congregated in an old Nunnery that looks like it is ready for demolition. Walking into the main entrance the open aired room […]

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Book Your Session Here First and Last Name: E-Mail Address: Preferred day and time Phone Reading-Soul Healing ~Clearing-Healing On All Levels~ Very Powerful – Deborah Skye speaks directly with your guides and ancestors to heal and clear any obstructions that are taking place in the present. Multi-Level-Dimensional Clearing Takes Place We are so much more […]

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Guatemala October 8-23 Tikal 2011

Sacred Journey To Guatemala: Tikal, Yaxha, Uaxatun, Topoxte, Ixlu, Actun Kan Caves and El Mirador ——————————- Our Private Tranquil Ecological Paradise located off the quiet shores of Lago del Peten Itza in El Remate, Guatemala We invite you to step out of yourself and enter the Mystical World of Guatemala, in the Peten Region, on […]

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Soul Therapy Coach

Deborah Skye is an International Soul Therapy Coach, Trainer & Speaker. Skye focuses on where you currently are, your present life circumstances and your communicates directly with your Souls Blueprint, then shares the solutions to your current discomfort, anxiety, depression, disconnect with your true purpose and then creates a result based program that is unique […]

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Life Balance: Being Healthy While Living In The City

I’m going to spill the beans here and be totally transparent and let you know my ‘secrets’ to staying healthy and youthful, beyond my genetic DNA. Adam has emailed me 3 times over the last year asking me to share my diet with him and you. Here are some of the things that I do […]

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