Regression Therapy: How It Heals Your Past Emotional Trauma & Mental Confusion

Regression Therapy has helped thousands of my clients worldwide to eliminate and heal from past emotional trauma, mental confusion, physical pain and suffering and most of all, spiritual disconnection. The ‘human condition’ is a state of unconscious awareness where the intellect, emotional and spiritual maturity of a person has yet to heal past conditioning due […]

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2012 Mayan Sacred Journey – Unveiling The Mayan Calendar!

I would like to invite you onto a Sacred Spiritual Journey to the Maya Lands in 2012, joining me on a Sacred Spiritual Leadership Program to empower you to embody your Mastery of Self.  ‘To Know Thyself’ is THE most important aspect of being human, to understand who you are, why you do what you […]

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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression (PLR) is a holistic form of therapy that has been around in popular culture since the early 1900′s. Practitioners use various techniques to recover the subject’s memories and help them escape their present fears. These meditative techniques are used to take their subjects back in time, and have been effectively used to […]

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Q & A Friday’s – Money & Spirituality, Do They Work Together?

Welcome to Q & A Friday’s! Today, I was presented with a question that most women have in their lives based on Spirituality & Money, I briefly touch upon it here in the Q & A as there are many depths to this question. Listen in here and please, leave your comments below, blessings!

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Q & A Fridays #3: The New Earth Children

Today’s Question was sent in through email asking about the New Children Q: “As a parent, how can I understand how to communicate with my child when I know she is sensitive yet I cannot understand her needs? I get frustrated when what I know does not work, she does not respond to me and […]

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New Earth Energies 2011 Seminar Series One

I am going to be posing some pretty deep questions to you in the next months, and I’d like for you to honestly answer them, as it will allow you to move deeper into your experience of loving yourself and accepting all that you create. The world is as you perceive it, so let’s give […]

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The 5th World of The Sacred New Earth: Are You In?

I’ve been asked to be bold, so I am going to be on this early morning read, if you are on the bus, subway, tram, airplane, car, iPhone, Blackberry, etc…the 5th World is about to arrive, and my question to you is, “are you in the game to play it at a level that makes […]

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Q & A Fridays #2 “The New Earth”

Today’s Q & A is from Leanna, she asks “With the New Earth, how can we be sure that loved ones will stay with us? Some will stay, some will go so what will happen to families?” Great question Leanna as there is mass confusion based on what people have read or believe via mass […]

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Q & A Friday’s #1: Soul Lessons

Posted on Soul Therapy FaceBook Wall: “When a Soul incarnates in the Earth plane the council advises the Soul of lessons that need to be met and people who will show up to deliver these messages, they usually are our greatest pain and deepest loves that we cannot be with.” Dawn replied: Why can’t we […]

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A Request To The Universe: Calling In A Man

Dear Universe: I am calling in a man who sees my light and is empowered by it, who is not intimidated by what I offer to the world, he will not compete with my power, he will own his own impeccably. He’s got my back. A man who exudes inner peace yet has a strong […]

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