Your Game, Your Blame, Your Shame = “Your Story”

It’s a powerful indicator when we emotionally experience our past in the present moment and become conscious of it, and it usually happens every minute if we are not in check with ourselves.
It shows up in how we communicate (lovingly to others and self, or negatively), how we presently hold ourselves physically (the strong stance or the slouching shoulders?), and how we interpret our world via our thoughts and how much they lead us to beimg open to the world around us or shut us down because we are functioning from a past experience that left a dent in our hearts and minds.
“Your game, your blame, your shame = your story” is a placid representation of how your mind and emotions continue to replay unhealed aspects from the past and bring them in to your current reality and relationships to the world around you.

Their usually is a hidden agenda amongst most human beings and the intention to just show up for another is mostly reserved for parents who have the natural tendency to love their children unconditionally or for individuals who have committed to taking courses, online workshops, ongoing seminars, hired coaches and mentors to impregnate a path that is most suitable to curb the outmoded appetites that are not their own, but have been instilled into them by societal upbringing and environment influence, cultural beliefs and religious idealism.

Life is what you make it, no matter what your past, look at Oprah and Tony Robbins, two exceptional human beings who have impacted the lives of millions of people all over the world. They both have had traumatic childhoods and have suffered emotional, sexual and mental abuse. This did not stop them from believing in themselves, they recognized the shortcomings of their environment and the people in it, and they sought to reclaim their own sense of dignity, honesty to self, and integrity to their true being, the one who sought out love and acceptance but did not receive it from their parents or immediate family relations. Their shame, their blaming fell away as their story embraced a defined moment that claimed their future and birthright as their own, they embrace their future by envisioning what is possible? when this mindset kicks in, you begin to realize that the world truly is your playground, you get to create anything and everything you want, as long as you believe that you can.

If there is one thing our cosmic and universal brethren share with me it is this: you must believe…
They ask us, actually implore us to open our hearts and minds and believe- believe in something greater than yourself and begin to understand that you are a grand master playing this game. Your old pains from relationships, are not the person who arrives at your doorstep for a first date, unless of course you bring that past experience into your present and project that- you will see it show up time and again because that is what you are focusing on, relating to and seeing from your unhealed stories.

The story line here is this: your game is how you play life, your blame is not taking personal responsibility for your life and the shame is what you have yet to heal. Your stories are just that, stories to hide the unbearable pain of old wounds that are seeking closure, release and to be given the opportunity to breath into the moment with a new experience, with a new perception based on the moment that is happening right now. If you feel you are holding onto past experiences that are not serving you and desire to breakthrough to a new level of self acceptance, reach out and ask for help, you will love yourself for it and be amazed at what can happen when you trust another to support you.

I would love to hear your comments and how your game might be a story that creates blame and shame in your life.


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