The 5th World of The Sacred New Earth: Are You In?

I’ve been asked to be bold, so I am going to be on this early morning read, if you are on the bus, subway, tram, airplane, car, iPhone, Blackberry, etc…the 5th World is about to arrive, and my question to you is, “are you in the game to play it at a level that makes an impact, a difference to how much you love and how much others love you?”

I am not playing around, or sidetracking you to another question, it’s simple: you are rather in the game of life or you are not in it to win and your a passanger watching it as if on a movie screen and once in a while you get to laugh or cry, but not fully create it as the producer.

Back in 1996 when I was living in Melbourne, Australia for the 2nd time I had a realization that I was the producer of my own show and I called to me all the players and characters that I desired and when I took a really good look at it, I knew that I held within my own consciousness the ability and awareness to change anything I desired in my life, anything at all. When I realized that I began making different choices based on the greater good of humanity and of being in service to my Soul’s Purpose.

I realized I could change anything in my life, my body weight, my income, my friends, my environment, where I lived and how I lived, so I sat up and started to create my world based on the understanding and belief that I get to co-create with Source and listened to what my purpose is here on this Planet in a much bigger way than I had seen before.

I got very clear in understanding all the clues that I left myself, all the pitfalls that showed me another way-and devised a plan that was first seeded when I was a child. This October 8-23rd I will be taking a group of women on a 15 day Spiritual Sacred Journey in Guatemala, Tikal, in the Peten Region -THE hotspot where ALL of the major Temples are in relationship to the Pleidades, Sirius, Arcturus and to the 5th World. ( I will be bringing our group to open up a portal that has not been opened for millenia. )

So, when I ask you if you are in or not, I am inviting you to clear your schedule, reorganize your calendar, put a deposit down to secure your place and call out to the Universe your commitment to showing up on October 8 to bring in the 5th World, our New Earth. I have been pretty hush, hush about this, but T’zekipotle and my Council are instructing me daily to share how important this journey really is and to urge you to stop anything that is going on in your life and to refocus your attention on this massive SHIFT which is about to take place-spiritually and dimensionally.

I wish for you to join me to usher in this powerful dimensional awareness and to harness the energies of our Ancestors that await to anchor into our New Earth. Our journey is Sacred and each day we will be in Ceremony and we will also be having lectures nightly. If you have ever wanted to go on a Sacred Journey to the Maya Temples and Pyramids, that time is now-you will also be spending 15 days with me in the jungle at our gorgeous Rustic Eco-Hotel, nesteled along Lake Itza, with incredible food and scenery.

Details: October 8-23 2011

Your Spiritual Investment Fee: $500.00 Canadian deposit
Pay in Full Save $400.00 = $2300.00
Pay in Installments $2700.00 at $675.00 monthly for 4 months.

Your Ancestors are asking for you to show up for October 8th when the next world emerges and your energy field will shift, be amongst a group of Spiritual Stewards Ushering In The New World!

I outline in detail what the New Earth Energies are of 2011-2026 and how you can participate in seeding this new energy into the planetary grid and bring it back home with you where you can be a Steward for our Earth.
Sign up here: October 8-23 2011 Tikal, Guatamala


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