Your Soul Purpose: Finding It & Living It

When you are living your Soul’s Purpose your life is on track, you feel inspired by everyone and everything, and your heart is wide open waiting to absorb new ideas, experiences and lessons into your world. Most people recognize when someone is living their Soul’s Purpose due to the infectiousness energy in which surrounds this […]

Peter Tongue 7th Wave Radio: Soul Therapy Your Personal Transformation

Peter Tongue 7th Wave Radio Now Playing: Soul Therapy – Your Personal Transformation In this in-depth interview Deborah Skye will help us to uncover the truth of who we really are. She will discuss walking between the Worlds – the seen and unseen – and assist us to change our future by releasing the past, […]

StarPower* System™ Q & A Tele-Seminar

Title: StarPower* System™ Introduction Location: Internet – Tele-seminar Monday October 4th Link out: Click here Description: StarPower*  System™ is an exploration into our Divine and True Self. There is one particular signature that is your…

Past Lives-How Do You Know It’s Real?

This Video shares Candice’s Questions and Inquiries into Past Lives: She is about to have her first Session with me and this is our consultation prior to the work itself: This video shares what has happened since the first Session and answers the question: “Does this really work?” Candice’s life since the first session has […]

Spiritually Engage Yourself By Speaking Your Truth

Your Energy Field Will Come Alive When Openly Communicating What happens when you open up your throat chakra and begin to speak your truth to your family, friends and clients? You begin a new relationship that was siphoned off during childhood, through…

Special Offer Till September 21 2010

Exclusive For “Soul Therapy Members” – That’s YOU! Special Offer….. Two and a Half Hour Private Session With A 30 Minute Consultation: By Phone Or In Person Taking a deeper look into why you are not creating what you want to manifest/create in your life. Professionally, emotionally,intellectually, physically and spirituality. Understanding the core issues which […]

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