Your Soul Purpose: Finding It & Living It

soultherapy 300x300 Your Soul Purpose: Finding It & Living ItWhen you are living your Soul’s Purpose your life is on track, you feel inspired by everyone and everything, and your heart is wide open waiting to absorb new ideas, experiences and lessons into your world. Most people recognize when someone is living their Soul’s Purpose due to the infectiousness energy in which surrounds this individual, there is a certain spark, a deep magnetic attraction that calls others to them,  it’s a recognizable scent and those who are searching for it, find it and pick it up wanting to know how they too can find it and bring it into their life.

For 17 years  I have been a qualified Soul Coach, one who discerns for others how to find their Soul Purpose with a hands on approach  to living their Soul Purpose. I connect with your Soul and it’s Divine Blueprint and read what it is you are here to uncover about yourself and what you are to discover about manifesting your Soul’s Divine Plan.

My book, “Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose” has been acclaimed globally by readers, critiques and most of all by individuals who have put into practice the 8 week program to release and let go of old paradigms that no longer serve them and to implement new ideas, beliefs about themselves and a new direction supporting their overall happiness and joy. Prior to writing the book, I was perplexed that so many clients were unaware that they had a choice in their happiness and that their overall experience in life was not due to another person, but was about their own connection to recognizing their  Soul Purpose. I found out that most people are so disconnected and completely unaware to what that even is that I set out on a journey to discover why so many people were unhappy, unsatisfied with their lives and disconnected to their passions. It has been a lifelong pursuit to find those missing keys to the door that unlocks this elixir of life, passion and the key to your inner peace and joy, I found it.

Once I began to unveil why and how this had happened and how a person could regroup and retain the original aspect of being in alignment to their Soul’s Purpose, the results started pouring in from all over the globe. I heard from women who were on antidepressants and completely dissatisfied with their life circumstances, unable to get the joy they once had for life back  and from men who were lost and unhappy, overtired, concerned for their health and unable to have a satisfying sexual life. When I have a consultation with a client which is always part of our session, rather in person or at a distance, I first speak to the individual and as I do I receive a connection with their Soul Essence from here I listen to what the Soul is asking from me to uncover for the individual and through the work that I do with StarPower* we go directly to the location of the body in which the Soul is housed, this is an incredibly Ancient and Sacred teaching that has been passed down to me from one of my Master Teachers in  China.

He has taught me how to connect with any individual on the Soul level and have a conversation whereby the Soul reveals it’s original and Divine Blueprint from there a plan is laid out how my client can create a life based on the values and principles of their Soul’s Purpose. To say that miracles happen in our sessions is an understatement.  I have seen men who are overweight, depressed, totally unsatisfied with their life, marriage, career and disconnected from their children literally shift within a span of 15 minutes when the connection happens. When I do a follow up with my clients I have found is that that the work continues to unfold affecting every aspect of the individuals life, which gives me the deep insight that not only is the person directly affected but so is everyone who in relation to the individual, family, friends, co-workers and of course their relationship to self.  My clients begin to have a relationship with their self for the first time since they were children and for many for the very first time ever, they listen to their own personal needs and desires and then take action on them gratifying the desire to manifest what ever it is in their life to bring them joy and serenity, peace from within and a force of purposeful living.

Not every client is the same, what I can share is that when people seek out my services they come for one thing and one thing only – to remember how to love and be connected to their purpose here on Earth. It might show up as a bad relationship or many, it may come in the form of financial difficulty,  or a disconnection to their children and family, for some it shows up as sever depression and bi-polar for others it comes as a lack of a sexual appetite and a concern if they still love the person they are with, should they get a divorce or continue to struggle? For many it is to heal the wounds from childhood and make sense of their life, find direction for all the difficulties of life, the struggles and find courage from within.

For many it is because they are beginning to wonder why: why do I feel lost, uncertain, lack integrity and honestly within myself, disconnected from people who love me, from friends and family, are totally unsatisfied in their jobs, have no direction in life, are concerned for their health an well being, know that they need a change – right now, are feeling the stirrings of a spiritual awakening and need guidance, are desiring truth and clarity about who they are or want a connection to their guides and insight into their spiritual life.

There are so many reasons why people all over the world come to see me, enroll my services and continue their relationship with me year after year, it is this simple yet powerful truth: I love you and I care deeply about your Soul’s Purpose.

It is my Soul Purpose to be of service to the world, to share my gifts and be humbled in the process forever knowing that I chose my trait, my purpose and that it brings to me the greatest pleasure and deep profound love to share that love with you, that understanding of being connected and knowing that life has a deep connection to your Spiritual Self and your Soul desires you to recognize that so you can get in direct alignment to living in abundance and joy. One of my abilities is being able to share with you the truth of who you are, at a Soul level.  I know your Soul Purpose, I can show you how to know,  love and understand why you are here, what your purpose is and how to live it. It is a gift that I have, to share this long sought after elixer of life, the key to your future really.

To understand yourself intimately and to share yourself with the world in your most authentic and profound way connects you to your Source and with that connection comes everything you have ever wanted or desired  for it is provided when you have the connection. Ask anyone who is living their Soul Purpose, they will tell you they have no wants or needs, because it’s all there, and it always was there, they just couldn’t see it before.

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pixel Your Soul Purpose: Finding It & Living It

*If you would like a Soul Chart Reading For 2011, purchase one here. The session is for 1.5 hours and will cover the entire year revealing what your Soul desires for 2011. We will uncover relationships, family, finances, career, blueprint of your business , new projects, discerning what your Soul intends for you to manifest and what your Guides are asking of you for 2011.  The Soul Chart Reading is only available to my subscribers and readers of Soul Therapy.

pixel Your Soul Purpose: Finding It & Living It

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In this in-depth interview Deborah Skye will help us to uncover the truth of who we really are. She will discuss walking between the Worlds – the seen and unseen – and assist us to change our future by releasing the past, directing our future with passion-”It’s not in our DNA to suffer!” Soul Therapy brings us to the heart of the matter: YOU. Uncovering the truth of who you truly are is explored during this interview. Your past influences your future; your future dictates your present. The last three years, Skye has been privately training with her Guides to prepare for the coming Shift. She is here to share those secrets with you today. For more information visit:

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