Stop Controlling The Outcome: It’s Time To Surrender

Each journey I take asks me to let go into a deeper presence of surrendering, the untangilbe becomes the tangible. When I do not infringe my logistical rights upon the energy which sets forth calling me to quest, my eternal departure into truth, I get to experience love in all it’s purity, from above and from within.

It is in this place that I get to know the purity of heart and the mistrust people have within themselves to clamour over egotisitcal yearnings that portray a need for selfish greed, only ending up blindsided by their hidden agendas.The wheel continues to turn, are the lessons learned?

Is the heart outshining the shadows that have been passed down through generational lines and obstructing the view to the immortal self? This is how I let go and give up control, I assume nothing, I only arrive at the destination in which I was called.

For over twenty one years I have journeyed this way, each lesson brings more responsibility, more awakening to my senses and time unravels as I meet my destiny straight on, eye to eye and one pulsating beat at a time. I am a morsel in which the great Divine has reenacted, my essense to see which choice, path or illusion I sway into, or do I hurdle over the thick pane glass and once again find myself tenderly held by wings unseen but heard as a faint whisper, those moments when everything is merged into one?

When I stop controlling what I (my mind, my ego, my past experiences) believes to be real, I get to dance in ecstatic bliss unraveling the equiside beauty that is called the hu-man be-ing. A mysterious creature of organic weavings we are, stellar dust, primordial elemental conjunctured waste and pure unadultured love, vibrating to the universe, creating who and what we choose to be in every moment by sheer expression of emotion.

Surrendering brings love to it’s birthplace. You cannot fight, nor be right, you just melt.

If this sounds like a place you would like to visit, present to yourself 1 day where you consciously give up control of everything and allow organic energy to move you and bring you to where it wants you to be.

To find out more about how you can bring yourself to this awareness take a look at my 8 week Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose Online Training course as an entry point to understand how to be present to your purpose.


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