Peru Retreat

Peru Soul Renewal

Promise To You Peru 2013Coureagous Souls Peru Machu Picchu

Peru Soul Renewal Retreat

Cusco + Sacred Valley + Machu Picchu = Sacred Awesomeness!

Cuzco PeruPeru The Ancient One’s – Cusco & Machu Picchu

10 Day Shamanic Soul Renewal

June 8-17th

June 8 - 17th Mystical Peru

In 1998 I journeyed to Peru on a Spiritual Quest, one that was impulsed from deep within me, the Celestial Prophecy was recently released and Machu Picchu became an instant hot destination. What was taking place planetary though was that my Saturn Return had recently kicked in and was directing me to get a Soul cleansing from one of the most potent, magical and mystical places on the planet, Peru.

From the moment I arrived till the moment I left, I was mesmerized by her beauty, her incomprehensible yet profoundly deepening presence within me that changed my life forever. It was here that I dedicated myself to my partner, Sean, who later became the father of our child, Luminous. It was here that I committed myself to the path of being the master teacher and said yes to my path as a dedicated light-worker +mentor to thousands of women and men on our planet. It was here that I matured emotionally and mentally from the whimsical child like irresponsibility’s of my life to being accountable to my actions and responsible to humanities pain and suffering. Peru touched my Soul and ignited my passion for service to the greater good of our Universal Evolution, and our Spiritual Growth as a species. That is why as I write this I am deeply humbled to bring you to experience your own profound awakening, leading you to a new more purposeful lifestyle.

Peru is said to be the “morning of the new sun” it is a vibrant Lemurian home land to many Souls who recognize her inner beauty and mystical ways. She is the portal into your Illuminated Heart, your Divine Self and your Courageous Soul. 

10 Day Shamanic Courageous Souls

Women's Spiritual Retreat Peru

 Cusco Illuminated Heart Chalra

Cusco Main PlazaArrival In Cusco – The Ancient Incan City of the Q-uero June 8th by 4:00pm

Welcoming Dinner Party 6:00pm: Awareness + Grounding With Cocoa Leave Tea 

Cusco, the “navel of the earth” according to the Incas, their Holy City, and center of the ancient Incan civilization. Cusco is the oldest inhabited city in the Western hemisphere. When the Spaniards arrived here the beauty of its edifices, surpassing all they had yet seen in the New World, astonished them. Gold in the form of intricate religious symbols and artifacts was seen everywhere. Our stay in Cusco is centrally located, making it easy to enjoy this wonderful town where ancient, original Incan walls and cobblestone streets blend with colonial Spanish architecture. The food here is exceptional, walking around the central plaza at night leads to a brilliant display of the present day lifestyle for the people of Cusco and will show you the colorful array of crafts and art along the main plaza.

 Sacsayhuaman June 9 Shamanic Initiation

SascayhuamanJune 9thOpening Ceremony + Shamanic Initiation at  Sacsayhuaman 9:00-5:00pm

Breakfast 6:30-8:30 am | Depart for Sacsayhuaman 9:00am Ceremony + Activating Your Light Body Nodal Points  Sacsayhuaman Venusian Platform

Lunch 12:00-2:30

Afternoon Shamanic Initiation Ceremony Sascayhuaman 3:00-5:00pm

Dinner in Cusco: 7:00-9:00pm

There is so much to explore at Sacayhuaman as the stones are ancient beings, the portals that one can experience are otherworldly and the crystalline metallurgic energy here is incredibly powerful. Deborah Skye will lead you on a full day of Shamanic Initiation through each area and location, unraveling the cosmic tapestry that is intricately laced within the temple site.

You will experience a heart chakra opening along with breathing techniques to activate your latent DNA an participate in third eye activations to enable you to ‘see’ into the stones with your 6th sense. You will be prepared today to receive the illuminated light within connecting you to your higher self, spiritual guides and your own nodal point within your body, empowering you for your Soul Renewal Journey in Peru.


Ollantaytambo Valley June 10

)llantaytambo Cusco PeruJune 10 – Ollantaytambo Sacred Valley + Shamanic Initiation Opening Awareness Into The Thymic Nodal Point

Ollantaytambo,  Incan Temple of the Sun. Also known as The Pyramid of Pakaritambo, or The Dawning Place of Tomorrow.

Here we will experience a profound energy that is somehow connected to six enormous pink stones that were mysteriously transported to this place. Prior to the Incas, this was a Lemurian Temple dedicated to Love. At Ollantaytambo Temple of Love it is easier than usual to receive, and to open a new gateway of goodness in our lives.

Also visit to the several astronomic observatories where we will observe and experience light and shadow effect evidence of these measurement systems to determine Solstices, Equinoxes and other observations.

This is where the “place where the solar year is measured”. It is a solar cosmic axiatonal visionary point to retrieve evolutionary codices from the Pleiades and observation from the constellations like the Southern Cross, Spica – Alpha and Beta Centaurs, Vega, Deneb and Altair.

We’ll see magnificent countryside as our bus winds through sandstone cliffs, fertile soil, amazing irrigation terrace systems, and glorious mountains along the Urubamba River to Ollantaytambo, also known by the locals as the Sanctuary of the Wind, a sacred place worshiped by the Incas.

You will experience a Shamanic Initiation with Deborah Skye accessing your ancient cosmology within your physical template located in the thymus, your higher heart. Each person will receive an Initiation to receive this opening and experience a shift within their physical + spiritual body. Accessing this spiritual gland awakens your light body to receive more interstellar communication, clairvoyance, clairaudience and enables you to once again communicate internally with your Spiritual Team. This will prepare you for Machu Picchu and the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth.



Agua Caliente Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Soul Therapy School

Machu Picchu Soul Renewal

Sacred Initiation + Soul RenewalJune 11-13 Machu Picchu + Agua Caliente + Shamanic Initiation + Opening The 13th Gateway

7:00-9:00 am Breakfast in Agua Caliente Lunch at Machu Picchu Dinner in Agua Caliente 5:00-7:30pm

Depart for Machu Picchu by bus and/or by hiking up the mountain

Machu Picchu is the epicenter of Spiritual Awakening for the Feminine Goddess. She implores all who enters her Gateway and encourages Spiritual growth from within oneself and also for global evolution. Coming to Machu Picchu will forever change how you see the world, your spiritual journey and your consciousness.

Machu Picchu is known as the “Lost city of the Incas”, “The City of Light for Initiates” and the “Crystal City”. It is an ancient and very sacred power place that is fed by grids of powerful natural energies. Shamanic belief is that Machu Picchu served as an initiatory centre for higher learning.

Machu Picchu has a powerful vortex of energy that ignites your past life memories, initiates have received lifetimes of spiritual gifts awakening deep cellular memory while experiencing Machu Picchu. 

The vibrational tone here is both female and male, a balance of the internal and external realms that enable you to feel harmony and peace within your body, she realigns energy blocks and miasms that keep The Goddess energy is powerfully felt at Machu Picchu as she opens you up to Earth’s Heart Vibration and showers her love into your physical body. Many people have reported experiencing healing attributes, emotional release and mental clarity along with a profound activity within the third eye center of being able to see within dimensions and walking between the worlds.

Deborah Skye will lead a Shamanic Initiation for the Courageous Souls here in Machu Picchu located by a Sacred Portal giving you access to your 13th Dimensional Light Body to immerse + ground your Soul for Renewal into your physical. For the next 3 days, Shamanic Initiation will be ongoing as your energetic body adjust herself to the new vibration. 

Grounding techniques will be learned and implemented throughout your days here allowing more receptive energies of Pachamama to enter into your emotional body, releasing discordant old patterns and opening you up to experience your Soul Body of Light. The thermal hot springs at Agua Caliente will be assisting you after  Machu Picchu.  The Earth’s minerals that will be guiding you are granite, with layers of serpentine, rose quartz, snow quartz, pyrite and jadeite.  These Earth energies which support overall balance and equalizing any discordant energies facilitate gentle yet powerful shifts inside your energetic field, chakras and meridians. The light body pathways working with the nodal points of our glands in relationship to each Sacred Site assists the physical body to be nurtured, held safely and supportive throughout your soul renewal journey.

13th Gateway Ceremony

Sword of Truth CS #1December 21. 2012 Cosmic Alignment Achieved with Sacred Earth Nodal Points ~ Earth magnetically and vibrationally aligned herself with the 13th Gateway. Orion played a huge part in that as our Earth’s magnetic grid along with her crystalline pathways are in conjunct alignment to the Orion’s gateway, opening us up to the next wave of evolution, the 13th Gateway. This vibrational overtone will last until 2026, we are currently in a grounding phase of integration while dissemination of old man made patterns release so that our awakening as a species unfolds in accordance with our Divine plan.  All the outer planets along with their overtones harmonically converged in a symphony of grand resolution to merge into Earth’s Sacred landscape; her Pyramids and Temples and all her Spiritual Pathways that have been mapped out for hundreds of thousands of years in a cosmic tapestry.  It has been 250,000,000 years since she was aligned to this interstellar connection to the Divine Energy Matrix Connection™.  Our species is awakening to the power that we are inherently born into, your physical body.

The Goddess Energy present at Machu Picchu awakens humility, awareness of the Divine within, illuminates the Heart + activates forgiveness achieving a greater balance within oneself. Opening to the 13th Gateway will enable you to be a global light worker ready to receive her gifts and share them with the world in a powerful, balanced and heart centered manner. 



Pisac + Sacred Valley

June 14th Pisac + Tambomachay Purification + Vision Tambomachay

Pisac + Tambomachay A beautiful village that is situated below one of the most impressive Incan temples in the Sacred Valley. A large ruin that wraps all the way around a mountain and part of which contains The Sun Temple. Pisac covers an entire mountain and is located in a spectacular surrealistic mountain setting with a variegated green carpet of intact Incan terraces flowing up to the peaks. The temples here blend perfectly with their environment. The most sacred temple contains the famous “Intihuatana” stone, or “Hitching Post of the Sun.” This is speculated to have been a solar clock and astronomical and astrological calendar as well as a prayer site.

Shamanic Initiation will take place on top of the mountain leading to greater awareness and soul renewal. We will connect with the Medicine of the Condor, the Thunderbird from the Heavens. Condor energy will guide you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Your understanding of the world and perspectives will change when using the Medicine of the Condor and your heart will embrace a global vision one that will enable you to map out your Soul Vision for your Great Work in the world. In the evening time we will celebrate the day with dancing and great food from the local market.

13 Gateway Initiatic Ceremony Peru

June 15 -17th Cusco – Soul Alchemy + Courageous Souls

There is no public itinerary that is displayed for Cusco

Deborah Skye Peru Goddess Retreat

For the next 3 days we will be embarking upon a Sacred Journey to a special and secret location to unveil the Alchemy of your Soul. Cusco is ripe with vibrant energies,  temple sites and planetary grid alignments to powerful telluric realms that you will be accessing in Ceremony at local energy portals.

We will explore Incan Markets, Temples, Sun Disks, Sacred Valleys and a very special place that is hidden from the mainstream and is very dear to Deborah Skye, so it’s going to stay a secret till the last day of your Soul Renewal Journey, it’s that special*

There are 10+ locations around Cusco that we will be exploring from local arts and crafts in the street market to evening delights of local indigenous foods that are so amazing you’ll never want to leave! Cusco is the city of Light for a very special reason, it is still powerfully connected to her ancient origins that one can almost reach out and grasp on a clear bright starlit night. The beauty you discover here in Cusco will be memories you can take home with you to embellish and share with your community and friends.

What is included: Hotel accommodations | all breakfast + lunches | entrance fees to all sacred temple sites | transportation to all sacred sites and locations departing from Cusco | departure dinner fiesta & dancing | tips & gratuities | lots of heart love*

What is not included: Dinners | flights | transportation that is not part of our group travel plans | taxis| arts & cultural crafts purchased at markets |


Pay Deposit + Happy Dance!

Pay In Full Celebrate!


Awesomeness + Peru

Peru Soul Renewal Retreat



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