Mexico Soul Retreat

February 8-16th 2014

Soul Awakening Sacred Feminine Initiation

Cancun, Mexico

Agnette & Skye Cancun Mexico

For 30 years Deborah Skye has been traveling to Sacred Temples & Pyramid Sites around the world.

“If I knew at the ripe age of 14 that my life would be dedicated to unveiling the truth of our ancient cosmology and what stops humanity from living fully and passionately, I think I would of balked at the thought of all that I have gone threw to arrive at where I am today. I have to say, the adventures, the isolation of living months at a time alone in the jungle, or the inspiration that I receive by being at-one with nature compares to unconditional love that you receive from your children. Incomparable.”

I understood first hand how my future self drew me into experiences beyond logical comprehension as a child and as an adult I recognized that this is what the Maya have been doing all along, pulling us forward by an unseen string, toward our future.

Just last year I lead a group of people deep into the heart of the Peten Region, Guatemala for a 6 day journey to the largest Pyramid known to humanity, El Mirador. Our Sacred Leadership Journey was 15 days I am guided by my ancestors young and old to unveil the truth about our Cosmic Origins and have been researching our ancient cultures for over 30+ years. I was born destined to walk this path and savor every moment as I gleam into the most deepest knowledge left by our ancestors, the Maya where ever I go. I have been blessed with the gifts of awareness of seeing, feeling, hearing and tasting: full sensory perception of multiple worlds that co-exist side by side our own.  My work around the world takes me yearly into the heart of the jungle to do research alone, sit with my council and deliver the wisdom to my students and clients when I get back home.

Soul Therapy Group Mexico

Yucatan, Mexico Soul Therapy Summit 2013
Licensed Soul Therapist- Caroline, Carolyn, Pierina & Agnette


I have been going to Chichen Itza since I was 14 years old, it is one of THE most powerful and prolific Sacred Sites in the world. I have personally have done over 13 Sacred Initiatic Rites with Maya Elders & local Shamans in Mexico.

Your 9 Day Sacred Soul Therapy Summit Journey will begin the moment you get off the plane in Cancun Mexico where you will be shuttled to our retreat getaway only a short drive from the Maya Temples of Chichen Itza herself.
This is where we will be beginning our Summit for 5 days of immersion into Sacred Ceremony, deep cleansing at a Sacred Cenote where the Maya do Ceremony. I will take you on a 2 hour horseback riding tip in the Old Chichen Itza and be lead into a Sacred Portal (I had done this on my previous trip and it’s incredible! I will show you the sound barrier and the actual portal template) along with swimming with dolphins on the Isla Mujeres – Dolphins Sacred place for the Maya Goddess of Love & Fertility Ixchel.
We will stay here for 3 days and visit the Temple of Ixchel herself creating a powerful Ceremony to Ixchel the Divine Feminine swim with dolphins, go snorkeling, have early morning ceremony on the beach an evening Water Ceremony at the Beach!
Our last day will be spent in Cancun going to the markets, eating at amazing restaurants, dancing at one of Cancun’s most popular clubs and having an ecstatic experience to complete your 9 days of AWAKENING in Mexico! 



Carolyn Goldfarb & Deborah Skye, Mexico

Carolyn Goldfarb & Deborah Skye, Mexico

Day 1 – CANCUN

Arrive Cancun Airport Shuttle to Chichen Itza
Soul Therapy Retreat Summit begins

Chichen Itza – Maya Pyramids + Sacred Temples

Day 2 – : Breakfast till 8:30 am 
* Full Day of Sacred Ceremony at Chichen Itza

Group Initiation  “The AWAKENING a Feminine Initiation of Recalibration “

Day 3 – Sacred Cenote Breakfast till 8:30 am
* AM Sacred Cenote Swimming * Lunch at Cenote Hotel
* PM Horseback Ceremony in Old Chichen Itza at Sacred Tropical Portal
Dinner at Chichen Itza

Deposit To Hold Your Spot : $500.00 USD

Isla Mujeres – The Island of Women
Day 4 -Breakfast till 8:30am
* Shuttle To Boat
Afternoon Market + Massage or Daytime Spa at Beach

*Dinner by the Ocean

Snorkeling + Dolphin Swim
Day 5 – Breakfast till 9:00am

* Swimming with Dolphins + Snorkeling in Crystal Clear Waters

* Afternoon Lunch at the Ocean Waters

*Evening Gathering for Dinner, Starlight Ceremony

Day 6 – Breakfast till 10:00am – Isla Mujeres
* Sacred Ceremony at Ixchel Temple to the Divine Goddess of Love & Fertility
Lunch in town
Dinner by the Ocean 
Day 7 – Breakfast till 10:00am
– Isla Mujeres
* Goddess Play by the Ocean, AWAKENING Feminine Soul Ceremony
Lunch at Beach and swimming in the afternoon
Dinner by the Ocean, Starlight Ceremony

Deposit To Hold Your Spot: $500.00 USD

Cancun, City of Serpents

Day 8 – Breakfast till 11:00am
– Boat to Cancun
*Afternoon at the Market
Evening Dinner at THE most romantic and delicious restaurants in old Cancun!
Dancing in Cancun (Wait till you see this!)

Chichen Itza Pyramid

Day 9 – Breakfast till 8:30am – Cancun
Sunrise Farewell Breakfast 8:00am
Depart to Cancun Airport for flight back home.

There are very limited spaces available on this journey. 

$2500.00 Canadian

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Soul Therapy Summit Pricing Does NOT Include Airfare
What Is Included
*Entrance Fee’s To All Sacred Ceremonial Grounds
*Dolphin Swim
*Horseback Riding
*All Hotel’s
*Soul Therapy Summit Seminars
*Shuttle Bus

What Is Not Included
* Airfare & Taxes
*Lunch & Dinners, Alcoholic Drinks
*Tips to Shaman’s or Guides
*Spa Days & Entry To Dance Clubs

Deborah Skye King is the Worlds Leading Authority on Soul Therapy and is North America’s #1 Soul Therapist. For over 30+ years she has been Researching the Human Condition and Earth’s Ancient Cosmology. With 28 years of traveling the globe leading, guiding and researching Sacred Ceremonial Sites. She is a Bestselling Author and International Speaker on Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Globally through her mentoring programs and invigorating retreats in Bali and Mexico for Spiritually Empowered Female Entrepreneurs. Deborah Skye is the creator of The Spiritual Currency of Money & StarPower* System for Female Entrepreneurs providing business breakthroughs with rapid results, radical shifts in mindset, integrating spirituality with core values, empowering female entrepreneurs to take bold strides in soulful marketing approaches that enable her clients globally to live in freedom and serve the world from a courageous place of confidence and clarity.

Her Soul Engagement Principles for Female Entrepreneurs is regarded as the top program of choice for Heartfelt & Soul Empowered Women Globally who are seeking a Coach who embodies the marketing, mindset and spirituality to empower them to success in life and business. 14 years of online marketing, branding, SEO, website design, creating high end programs for her clients, product launches and building their list, Deborah Skye provides a spiritual connection that brings a whole new insight to how she teaches her clients to market. Deborah Skye is sought out globally by women who are ready to embody their purpose, create a successful internet business and lead a life of financial and emotional wealth.

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