Promise To You Peru 2013

Deborah Skye Peru Goddess Retreat 

30 Years Deborah Skye has been leading, participating in and researching Sacred Soul Journeys around the world. Going on a Sacred Retreat with her is the same as diving into a Shamanic Initiation, where your Soul gets revealed, your emotional and mental baggage is released and your vitality for life is accelerated.

At age 6 her relationship to parallel realities compounded into a visceral experience where she was pulled into one of her lifetimes from Southern France in 1465, this experience was a profound learning and teaching ground for her until she was 23 years old. At age 21 she experienced what most would call a near death experience, except there was nothing to impact her into this experience, for Deborah Skye, her awareness was awakened to her Soul Desires and Life Purpose. In this profound experience where she was given a 13 year blueprint to return to the jungles of Costa Rica to go deeper into her Initiation Training and to remember her Earth Soul Memories as her Soul was calling her back home to the jungle to remember the ways of the Earth Steward, a Keeper of Ancient Wisdom. She lived alone and was taught by the elemental kingdom, the animals, insects and Ancient Elders who lived in the light of the other worlds in which she herself once inhabited. Living in parallel realities allows you to access more than one dimensional frame point at any given time, Deborah Skye has the ability to access 5 levels of awareness simultaneously.

The details of this experience and more is revealed and explained in her upcoming book, Soul Immersions: The Transformation of the Human Species and The New Earth Energies.



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