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“When a Soul incarnates in the Earth plane the council advises the Soul of lessons that need to be met and people who will show up to deliver these messages, they usually are our greatest pain and deepest loves that we cannot be with.”

Dawn replied:

Why can’t we be with them? What’s the lesson we’re suppose to learn? Accept the pain? Learn to live as half of a whole, because you can’t be with the one you were meant to be with? Or maybe live your life for others, sacrifice your true happiness for the happiness of others? Be selfless? What’s my lesson?

Here is the answer:

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  1. Rain Atherstone says:

    I definitely agree with the idea that we are all interwoven, regardless of relationship or length/opportunity/or emotional connection. Sometimes lessons are harder, being carried out through a tough or painful relationship; sometimes I feel I’m the lesson in another’s experience. I do believe we continually meet the same kind of person or engage in the same kind of relationship until we find our own healing or lesson to be learned from said ‘archetype’. The parental/child relationships are so much more complex, intricate and demanding of us to heal; make right; balance the past (generational experiences) and create a new reality of existence and growth for not only ourselves but for the people we love and are here for.

  2. Rain,
    You got it! Entrainment within ones energy field from lifetimes can continue toxic relationships and bring about relationships that want to share deep love but end up continuing karmic patterns. Thank you for sharing, appreciated!
    Deborah Skye

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