StarPower*™ Diamond Body


The StarPower* System 9 Proven Steps To A Diamond Body A Blueprint To Transforming Your Relationship To The World.

A 9 Month Curriculum focusing on Three Stages of your Personal and Professional growth.

Harnessing the power of The StarPower* System™, we focus on one phase of growth for your personal life, one phase of growth in your professional lifestyle and the third phase on your Spiritual and physical integration. It is based on a series of modules lazer targeting your Starpower* Diamond Body™ a place that the focal point of your goal or vision.

Throughout 9 months Deborah Skye will facilitate your Starpower* Diamond Body™ as it develops through the 9 stages of development and aligning it with to your life’s purpose. If you are seeking to find or create from your life’s purpose, to passionately expose and succumb to your heart’s desire than this 9 month curriculum is best suited for you. It is designed to nurture you at your core while developing a greater sense of Self in the world around you, aligning you to your purpose and producing a product or service surrounding your purpose.

If you are still wondering what to do with your life and how to do it, the StarPower* Diamond Body™ will create the platform for producing, manifesting and completing a project based on your deeper desires and to creating a pathway that will direct you to your purpose.

The StarPower* Diamond Body™ Curriculum is an online training and begins when you are ready, all Modules are recorded and archived for you if you happen to miss a curriculum call. Included are private monthly StarPower* System Soul Coaching™ calls directed to your StarPower*Diamond Body™ .

Please phone the office or email prior to signing up to have an application sent to you and to arrange a phone consultation. Each 9 month curriculum is designed and created to your particular needs and desires for the greatest benefit and outcome for your enrollment.

The StarPower* Diamond Body 9 Month Curriculum Course

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