Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Healing Session


“Spiritual Healing allows you to release the pain, the suffering, the emotional and mental traumas and blocks that stop you from experiencing life to it’s fullest degree.”

Since I was a child I have been exploring ancient cultures, past lives, future planets and the human condition. What I call Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Energy Healing  is quantum physics, intuitive spiritual healing and holographic re-patterning via the generational lineage of your  DNA and healing from within the intelligence of your organs,  enabling me to use ALL of my abilities as a Shamanic Healer and Soul Therapist.

Allow me to bring unconditional love into your heart to remove deep cellular memories that are currently causing your internal life to experience anxiety, stress, inner chaos, depression and spiritual angst. I speak with 1,000’s of women and men globally who have stopped living their dreams due to external excuses that have and are still constricting your true and pure expression of Source Connection.

Your Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Healing Session consists of a 45 minute Energy Healing Session in person or from anywhere around the world. I do Skype sessions and distant healing work and have for over 24 years. 45 minutes is the maximum time that you can receive the Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Healing, as I am not working in time, but in space and it’s much more precise and clear in what is being delivered and cleared from your cellular memory and DNA. 

“Deborah was so magical in her gentle and empathetic connection with me throughout my session with her. I felt that areas of intuitive understanding of myself were magnified through her contact. She has a beautiful and inspirational touch that I have yet to feel from any Healer in my presence. Thank you Deborah for assisting me into the next vibrational level of my purpose to also heal others, on my path!” – Diane


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Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Healing



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