Soul Therapy Retreat – Re-Write Your Story


 The Re-Write Your Story Weekend Retreat will be held in

Blue Mountain Resort Village, Collingwood, Ontario

Re-Write Your Story RetreatOntario's Premier Resort Village ~ Blue Mountain set on Georgian Bay

Scandinavian Spa, Hiking Trail, Sacred Indigenous Caves, Skiing & Snowboarding, Yoga

A Luxurious Weekend Escape!

Join a group of dedicated women reaching deep inside to listen to their Heart Song TM

Life changing Soul Therapy Retreats!

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Courageous Souls  Re-Write Your Story From Grief To Glory Weekend Retreat for Women

November 15-16-17 Blue Mountain Resort

Come discover a brand new story that is waiting to be birthed from inside of you, one that is yet unknown to your mind and senses but has been formulating and observing your every move. It is an evolutionary calling to Re-Write Your Story, when you listen to your Heart Song it is very easy to do.   During these 3 days we will unveil for you for the very first time the truth behind every experience you have had that has been traumatizing, toxic and dysfunction. Deborah Skye King, the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Bestselling Author & Founder of Soul Therapy School will be guiding you to the truth of your Story from the Courageous Souls Perspective: Your Heart Song to understand yourself better, love deeper, respect your journey and nourish your Soul.

Get ready for a powerful 3 day journey of epic proportions that will leave you inspired, refreshed, renewed and happy. For all women who are desiring a new beginning and a fresh start through the eyes of her heart.

Join a powerful group of women who are about to re-write their story by listening to their heart song and share their inner truth!


Discover how to live authentically by healing your past and embracing your life with joy with Soul Therapy.

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