NYE Machu Picchu Peru December 27- January 5 2014


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Machu Picchu NYE 2014New Years Eve 2014 in Machu Picchu!!!
Machu Pic’chu + Sacred Valley = Epic Adventure

Machu Pic’chu New Years Eve 2014

This Is Your Invitation To Spend NYE + New Years Day at Machu Pic’chu along with amazing tours in the Sacred Valley with my special guests and friends. 

There is no other place like Peru, the energy of Pachamama invokes a powerful remembrance of who you are on the Soul level, she gives you clarity on your path and direction to your truth and brings a well spring of knowledge that was once lost or hidden into your awareness.

Are You Spiritually Called To Machu Pic’chu? 

 Many people are, they feel a strong inner urge, a spiritual calling to return to Machu Pic’chu and experience her brilliance and power. For most, it is a return to their Spiritual Power- a deep connection to the unity of their life force and recalibration to understanding their life’s purpose.  There are specific astrological alignments and energy vortex’s that are very powerful yet very feminine in her energy igniting a delicate balance between intuition, opening up your psychic gifts and becoming aware of your past life experiences that gave you insight into your future destiny.  Your Sacred Journey experience in Peru will provide you with incredible vibrant energy to focus on your goals, achieve inner peace and discover many new parts of yourself that were asleep.

Deborah Skye King

Deborah Skye King Business Holistic Fashionista New Years Eve Peru 2014World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Future Theorist, Expert & Specialist on Parallel Realities + Shamanic Goddess

33 years of documented research dedicated to Earth’s and Humanities Ancient Origins, with 30 years of leading, exploring and teaching at Sacred Temples and Ceremonial Centers around the world. Deborah Skye’s abilities to merge and connect with multi-dimensional planes of realities while communicate to the Ancients at Sacred Sites is legendary. She moves in between worlds to connect you to your ancestors, your core truth and your future self in all of her possibilities.

She will invoke messages throughout the journey of interstellar relationships of each site and messages from the Elder Nations – the Ancients of each site to better know yourself, your Earth mission and how to live your soul purpose.
Deborah Skye will be leading Shamanic Initiation throughout the 10 Days presenting talks on Past Lives, Parallel Realities and how to harness your Soul gifts to live in harmony + empowered.

Deborah Skye is the author of the soon to be published book on Soul Immersions: The Evolution of our Species & The New Earth Energies

 You can view Deborah Skye’s work here.

John Major Jenkins

John Major Jenkins New Years Eve Peru 2014Scholar & Author on Unified Cosmogenesis, Galactic Alignment & Reconstructing The World Mythos

John Major Jenkins is a pioneering voice in the evolving 2012 discussion with over twenty years of experience defining and debating the issues. Informed by innovative field work at key archaeological sites and inspired by living and working among the Highland Maya, Jenkins’ comprehensive work covers media misconceptions, assessments of 2012 theories, consciousness studies, Maya shamanism, archaeoastronomical research, Perennial Philosophy, academic misconceptions, and the crisis of sustainability faced in the modern world. His own unprecedented “galactic alignment theory” is now receiving new support from recent discoveries in the Maya inscriptions. While integrating the scientific and spiritual viewpoints, Jenkins honors contemporary Maya calendar tradition and the ancient Maya vision of a unified cosmos. John will be presenting seminars throughout our journey while in the Sacred Valley in Pisac and at Machu Picchu based on the Cosmology of ancient civilizations and the emerging Divine Feminine.

You can view John’s work here.

Brien Foerster

Brien Foerster Peru 300x225 New Years Eve Peru 2014Ancient Alien Technology Researcher & Author

Author of 12 Books and featured on History Channel’s famed, Ancient Aliens, Brien specializes in ancient technologies, in particular, elongated heads found throughout the world. Brien will be leading us on a 2 day journey into temples in the Sacred Valley and power spots that are only known by locals and Shaman’s of the area. We are going to be exploring advanced technologies that are left to this day to reveal the power behind our ancestors pre dating the Incan empire. . Brien has learned that many of the ancient megalithic sites, including Machu Picchu were not made by the Inca, some 600 to 1000 years ago, but mysterious people who predated the Inca by 10,000 years or more. We will be exploring the ancient civilization of Atlantis, Mu – Lemuria.

You can view Brien’s work here.

Chris Cauac

Chris Chill Blue Overtone 300x225 New Years Eve Peru 2014Ceremonial Leader & Shamanic Spiritual Healer

Carrier of the Return Path passed down from Grandfather Martin of the Hopi Nation, Chris has dedicated the last 15 years to facilitating Indigenous Traditions specifically that of the Anishinaabe and the “Uto-Aztecan Nation”, including Huichol, Nahuatl, Maya,Toltec,Yaqi, Navajo and Aztec. He has also received teachings of Tibetan tradition by Bon medicine men, which also includes Green Tara and Medicine Buddha initiations. Chris has lead ceremony at various sacred sites in Mexico and hosted Initiatic events throughout the Americas, focusing on bringing awareness, wisdom and respect to the general populace by bridging indigenous traditions.

His life path and message is committed to sharing practical ancient and modern teachings, bringing about balance and harmony while assisting in the healing and transformation of the human family. Chris will be leading Ceremony and offering Pachamama teachings throughout our journey and will be guiding Sacred Breathwork, Self Healing and Sound Journey’s.

You can view Chris’s work here.



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