New Earth Energies 2011 Seminar Series One

I am going to be posing some pretty deep questions to you in the next months, and I’d like for you to honestly answer them, as it will allow you to move deeper into your experience of loving yourself and accepting all that you create. The world is as you perceive it, so let’s give you a dose or reality-and it won’t be coming to you from a TV.

All that you have done in the past, the workshops, the books you have read, the courses, teleseminars, coaching calls and hotlines that you call when you are in a jam, the tools you call in when wanting to shift and you need that extra hand to guide you into the direction your Soul desires for you to be in, has now come to a standstill. What has happened?

You are now being called into action to a different degree than ever, your past accumulated knowledge and hick-ups (you know those HUGE blunders we like to call lessons) have grown you into the person you are today.

Mentoring Programs are now the norm and you are experiencing the degree of self-mastery that comes from being in a program that challenges you, instructs you to stretch and provides tangible coaching that is implemented to create the results your Soul desires, see how I did not write ‘what you desire?’ there is a reason for that. Being North America’s #1 Soul Therapist I acknowledge your Soul needs and goals that sit in your future reality, by bringing them to the forefront you are able to manifest them without recurring issues continuing to self-sabotage your outcomes.

I’d like to take you one step further, so let’s move into the future, your future, where you are living your Soul’s Divine Expression, you are surrounded by the beauty and abundance that you know you deserve and you are deeply in love with your human experience as you co-create the world around you. Nature guides you and assists you in all that you do, you most likely are not aware of this as the concrete and material objects have become more real than the swaying of the oceans tide that regulate your internal bio-rhythms and sets the stage for your peace and inner harmony.

Today, all that changes-I am about to share some deeply ancient teachings that will take what you believe to another level all together. To open you up to experiencing first hand the New Earth Energies of 2011, that which you have spent a lifetime preparing for, even if you are unconscious of why, how and the purpose behind it, you have come to this point in your life to experience this New Earth and you are being called to step up your game in life so you can usher in the Energies of 2011 with a new awareness of WHY you are experiencing the hiccups, the challenges, the blocks and the beauty of joy. I will share with you one transformational technique that can catapult your relationship to the world around you and with yourself into a new Quantum Field of Unconditional Love.

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Deborah Skye King is the World's Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Bestselling Author and President + Founder of Soul Therapy School® . Deborah Skye is a passionate Global Leader in Personal & Planetary Transformation with over 30 years of Sacred Travel and research into the origins of humanity.

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