Life Is Precious, Give It Your All!

livinglifetothefulles Life Is Precious, Give It Your All! Life is precious, it is meant to be inhaled one breath at a time, not rushed or passed by because you were too busy just being busy. I understand how you might be feeling overwhelmed, tired or just plane confused about your direction in life, and about your inner happiness. There is a reason for this, do you feel you are rushing out of the old energies, feeling like time is speeding up and that you are not holding sacred ground. We are shifting into the New Earth Energies and the moment that many of us have been anticipating is now upon us, it’s a beautiful thing, but growing pains can be had and releasing the old can be hard. Any level of personal transformation asks for you to show up in a unique and new way, every time, so get to know YOU and how you operate when going through the mutation process.

28 years ago I embarked upon a journey into the Maya Sacred Temples to explore our ancient heritage, I have learned so much and yet know there is plenty more to be revealed. In the next year, I am going to invite you to join me in exploring your humanity in a way that you might of never thought or imagined, it will be a shift into the greatest journey of your life!

For many, you know it is time to change, yet you still have the past holding you back in a myriad of ways, through your thoughts that belittle you and tell you that you cannot succeed, (which is an illusion and untrue), through your current reality of what you believe to be true, another illusion created from the past and not from a place of clear vision, defined goals and set intentions that drive you strongly into the future. I also really, really understand how close relationships can make or break your current level of happiness, which I have to say right now, is a lie. You have learned from others how to react to the world around you, and you have not seen clearly just how beautiful and alive you are. I want to show you that person that resides in that space, who is eagerly awaiting you to play, have fun and be in joy, no matter what the circumstances!

I have such a clear perspective of how the past can hold you back, being North America’s #1 Soul Therapist and Founder of The Association for Professional Past Life Regression & Training Institute, I am fully aware of the fight humanity has had since the beginning of so-called time. I have had many request to teach about what I know of energetics, quantum physics and how I move through time and space via Shamanic Wisdom. I will be sharing this with you in 2012 and Soul Therapy School will be launching for this reason alone. P.S. My Council has trained me for the last five years to bring you the wisdom and teachings of what will be uncovered and revealed at Soul Therapy School. I am hesitant to share it so openly, but know that those who are called will be the perfect students to walk into the world empowered, and ready to take on this role. To empower you with your inherent gifts and ways that lay dormant inside of you, when you are able to delve deeply into your Soul records, you tap into the great experience of who you are, in a multitude of ways. You were not taught of your beauty or brilliance, or capabilities when you were a child, you were coed and cawed at, told what to do, not how to open up to your feelings or higher senses which spoke to you via your so-called imagination. Society has not reminded you of your potential, you most likely sought it out yourself due to an inner calling, a direct spiritual experience that awakened you, like me, or had a life threatening illness that pulled you out of the quagmire to stir your Spirit once again.

exotictravel 300x198 Life Is Precious, Give It Your All! I have always envisioned a place where I would teach these long lost secrets (since the age of 11 I have held this vision close to my heart) that came with us when we seeding this planet, those codes are still there inside of you, they just need to be awakened. Soul Therapy School’s chief goal and mission is to enable you to open up to your birthright and claim your Divine Self, that is the core of humanity, by mentoring with you monthly via online tutorials, live interviews and sacred travel, you will gain a direct experience of how to live your life fully and with such freedom, you will want to share it with everyone. I invite you to take a look at the curriculum when it becomes available on December 21st. Please email me if you are desiring to mentor with me at this level and become a Soul Therapist yourself. I will send out more information as we get closer to December 21st, the date of the program that I will be accepting enrollment for 2012.

I am VERY excited to be sharing with you and also to invite you to join me on my Sacred Spiritual Leadership Programs which I will be leading in 2012, beginning in March, we will be going to Mexico to experience the birthing of the Maya Calendar, Cosmic Wisdom, and Opening The 13th Dimension, then in June heading to Peru and Machu Pichu! In September I will be leading an all female Sacred journey to the Exotic and Sensual Bali.

In one of my coaching session last week I shared with one of my dear clients, the importance of non-duality, non-separation and what you love to do, and what you currently do must be in alignment to your Soul, if not, change it. I can hear you all now in a resounding, “HOW?!” Listen into Soul Therapy Radio as I share with you the discoveries and insights about how to change your current reality and merge into the New Earth Energies of which we are ALL experiencing in our own unique way. You can find a link on this site leading directly to our new show beginning in January 2012. I will be sharing with you more on the topics of transformation, evolution, healing and of course how to apply this all to your business and person life.

I would LOVE to have your comments and feedback from this article, please write them below so I can read them and respond to your inquiry also.

P.S I am sharing this video with you from our recent Sacred Spiritual Leadership Program in October where I lead a group of men and women who stepped into their own leadership and found a presence within themselves that was hidden before by the busy world around them and the voices in their head.

Remember, “You are loved”

About Deborah Skye

Deborah Skye King is the World's Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Bestselling Author and President + Founder of Soul Therapy School® . Deborah Skye is a passionate Global Leader in Personal & Planetary Transformation with over 30 years of Sacred Travel and research into the origins of humanity.


  1. Milla Andersson says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, I am yours 😀 Big hug to you!
    Love and THANK you!

  2. Sounds great. Looking forward to hearing more.

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