Getting Uncomfortable To Make Way For New Opportunities

So much is happening globally on every level.  Many old relationships and are closing off and getting uncomfortable to make way for new opportunities is now sought after.  Every day I expose my own inner beliefs that are untrue to my higher vibratory level and purpose. I seek that which is uncontrolled in my environment to find peace in it and balance within. It’s comforting to realize that I can maintain inner harmony when my emotions want to run wild, I  just don’t put up with the tangents of the emotional body anymore, it’s a falsity that I have let go of.

Relationships Are Mirrors Of Our Truth

What once used to be uncomfortable is now invited in as a friendship. When some part of my day: sleeping, waking, routines seem comfortable I question this part of myself and ask how  many times have I done this same movement, had this same thought or experienced this same emotion. Is it unresolved or accepted without thought?  I then take a moment and question it to find out where did it first originate, from me or another? When it comes from another, I can let it go recognizing that it was never mine to begin with, I took it on as my own, a false illusion that I accepted as fact. When it is my own, I ask myself why did I accept it as my own and in the questioning realize the depth of my reasoning. I accept or reject it on how deep I can go to find its source.

“I believe consciousness is asking us to participate in a very big way and when we don’t it becomes uncomfortable, when we do life opens up to another level of experience.”

This summer has been one of the biggest shifts in my adult life in a slow methodical way, yet when I look back only 2 weeks ago, life seemed quit different. I’ve become unplugged while being more plugged into the world wide network and changing the way I live my life. New Media has always inspired me, but now it invites me to lay my inner world onto video to be explored and peered into by anyone at anytime.

Relationships I used to think were forever are ending, opening up a new way for me to experience opportunities that I would never of imagined, and they are based on “healthy boundaries.” Relationships build from respect, honor, trust, honesty and deep inner truth:  soul connections. Today, I won’t accept anything else in my life except true connection, all others I am wiping clean and some of them are painful to say goodbye to, but they were also painful on an  unconscious level to begin with.

I love how this dance of communication is unfolding within every fiber of my being and how the veil has dropped to exposed anything that is not serving my highest purpose, ultimately everyone’s purpose, as I am a reflection of everyone and everything.

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