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jo104-asetpnmpmrnnvyeagagzcikxxelucuub-v2Welcome to your FREE CD – MP3 Dowload!

“It is the most real, magical, and efficient meditation ever. Takes you right to your Soul Records. Gentle enough to use with beginners and children as it is full of love, trust, and respect, yet powerful enough for advanced meditations.”

-Jena Lisa Merchant
Listening to the CD: Please give yourself the experience of receiving and being open to surrender so you may release any and all past suffering and emotional, mental or physical traumas that are subconsciously still affecting you today.
For the greatest benefit while listening to Awakening To Your Divine Self, make sure you will not be interrupted and have headphones on if  you have them, make sure you are laying down or rested in a chair eyes closed and have some water beside you for when you awake.

If you listen to this CD 7 days or nights in a row, you will find that your emotional and mental heaviness, blocks and patterns will be shifting in profound ways.

As a gift to you, please listen to “Awakening To Your Divine Self”


Discover how to live authentically by healing your past and embracing your life with joy with Soul Therapy.

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