Ego VS Soul – Who’s Winning?

ego vs soul Ego VS Soul   Whos Winning?In my private practice as a Soul Therapist, I am noticing more and more these days how many people have a misconception about their reality and who is running the show, their ego or their soul? Most people suffer from an internal struggle to do what they think is right rather than following their truth and inner soul yearnings, I hear stories of women giving too much and wanting to gain their power back and men speaking of a loss of their identity, wanting to open up their hearts to become more sensitive. It’s a changing world and the more we listen, align and respond to our inner desires, the more connectivity takes place within oneself.

Our world is made up of profound truths that stare you right in the face, yet denial runs so deep that it is easily portrayed as logical  sequences that one must follow to stay within the norm. The idea of  ‘normal’ is the biggest dysfunction that I see individually and collectively, from families to corporations, and people suffer from imposed beliefs that are not their own. Here is a big yet very simple truth, you have choice.

You can choose to live via your ego or experience your soul, simply your choice. Your family in which you are born into is your guiding foundation and one of the greatest teachers you will encounter within this life.  I have heard thousands of stories from women and men all over the world who are still controlled and dominated by how much their parents influence their life, even when they are parents them selves.  When making decisions it is always best to think of the internal and long term benefits and not the instant ego gratifications or the need to fulfill someone’s else’s desire of what your life should look like.

I’m noticing more and more these days how most people have a misconception about their reality and who is running the show, their ego or their soul? Internal struggle to do what they think is right rather than following their truth and inner soul yearnings, I am a steward for this planet to make sure that those individuals who are committed to live their souls purpose, be leaders and teach others their own gifts, do exactly that.

I coach and mentor hundreds of women around the world, helping to discover the voice of God-Source-Universe within and then provide practical tools and strategies to live from this place of connectivity. It is not the most easiest path, but it is the most rewarding, with freedom being the ultimate gift and I understand that we as a species honor that more than anything else. We collapse under constriction and being bound, unable to experience our own expansion and that is why the disconnection happens, when ego wins and dominates ones reality and point of view. I want you to understand that before you were generations of your own ancestors who were bound and constricted and this conditioning is what you were born into, a matrix of sorts.

Soul Therapy mission is to eradicate fear and suffering from the human conditioning, a condition that was created over 250,000 years ago.  We do this through Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Healing, Quantum Hypnosis Technique, StarPower* Soul Coaching & Divine Energy Matrix Connection.

Deborah Skye leads Spiritual Empowerment Leadership Retreats and Female Entrepreneur Summits throughout the world at Sacred Sites, Spiritual locations that our Ancestors lived based on Sacred Cosmology. To learn more about her upcoming Summit in Bali you can read more here.

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Deborah Skye King is the World's Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Bestselling Author and President + Founder of Soul Therapy School® . Deborah Skye is a passionate Global Leader in Personal & Planetary Transformation with over 30 years of Sacred Travel and research into the origins of humanity.

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