Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

8 Weeks To Discover & Live Your Soul’s

Purpose with Author Deborah Skye King

Join Bestselling Author of Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose: The Keys To Your Future, Deborah Skye King as she leads you into a personal exploration of answering one of the most important and sought out questions, why am I here and what is my soul’s purpose?

With over 30+ years of deep exploration into the origins of humanity, Deborah Skye a Global Leader in Personal & Planetary Transformation guides you to understand how your soul purpose shows up, how to harness the gifts that you have brought with you and what lessons you have already experienced to utilize, to empower and gain confidence in life to live your purpose.

If you are seeking to stop the feeling of being ‘stuck, feeling confused or having the feeling on not being able to keep it together, or being successful in your career or experiencing a happy, fulfilling relationship, you most likely are not aware of your soul’s purpose.

Here is a check list, if you can relate to 3 or more things on this list then the

8 Week Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose System is PERFECT for you!

* You feel overwhelmed & confused. *You have anxiety & feel lost with no direction.*You know or feel that you may be depressed. * You are not living your life’s purpose. *You have great thoughts and insight but don’t take action to DO anything with them. * You do not complete projects or follow through with ideas or plans. * You feel afraid to effectively communicate to others your inner feelings and desires for fear of rejection, abandonment and not being loved. * You feel lost and out of control.* You have a list of ‘to do’s’ with no support system to get you there. * You don’t share your dreams or desires with your family for fear or ridicule.* You self-sabotage your dreams by creating distractions in your life that are not healthy nor supportive to your personal and spiritual life.* You have addictions, emotionally, mentally or physically and want clarity of WHY you do and how to let them go in an effective manner that will support you for the rest of your life.

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Once you recognize and understand what your Soul’s purpose is, your feelings of anxiety, stress and confusion are replaced with feelings of abundance, self-acceptance and self-assurance. You can shift those feelings of feeling at a loss to one that enables you to take control of how your mind thinks and how you react to your environment.


Each week, Deborah Skye will lead you with a mediation into your subconscious mind to reveal your latent talents and abilities that brought you here in the first place, unveiling a more conscious state of awareness and the ability to experience your truth. People all over the world are seeking answers to what their soul’s purpose is, Deborah Skye has a unique ability to shine the light within and reveal any one’s purpose and shows them how to live it purposefully and with passion. If you have been wondering what your calling is, join us for this 8-week journey to ‘Discover & Live Your Soul’s Purpose.”


Module One | Who Are You Really?


In this module, you begin to understand how your soul’s purpose differs from your life’s purpose and how it has been giving you lessons since your childhood.

Beginning with a technique employed in Soul Therapy™ that uncovers the awareness that your soul has been guiding you since birth, we go deeply into the core understanding of ‘how to’ discover your soul’s purpose.

We will explore truths of your spiritual connection.

Your thoughts, images, behaviours and personal expressions are not your own, 98% of them have been placed there by society, media, your family members, your friends, cultural beliefs and old patterns that do not serve your highest good but serve to keep you small while you live someone else’s agenda. This week you will go deep within yourself to find out ‘who are you really?’ A very powerful and freeing experience once you understand how you internally operate, this will bring you clarity and a sense of personal confidence. Many people feel uplifted and transformed after this one training module while walking away with a practical hands-on lesson to implement into their everyday lifestyle.

Module Two | Awakening Your Inner Self


You have 60000-65000 thoughts daily that go through your mind, that occupies space where there can be thought’s that are awakening your inner self and building your future in the present moment.


This module training will give you a meditative experience that connects you to your inner self, a place that knows your truth, understands your greatest fears and also knows your greatest strengths.


By aligning yourself within to your inner self, you will be harnessing a power that many people seek their whole life, a place of inner calm, balance and certainty to living their life on purpose and with conviction knowing that the path they are on is the right path! Powerful internal lesson on this call!


Most individuals believe they are who they are because of personal choice and natural selection; this is not so. Society is structured to create a compilation of other people’s perspectives, ideas and imprints that most belief are their own, in module two you will uncover the truth of why you think the way you do and why your inner self-sabotage was created before the age of seven.

Module Three| Balancing Your Life

This IS the second most sought out question, ‘how to have a balanced life?’ I believe this is one of the top 3 things most people are seeking, especially if you live in North America, the land of imbalance and overworked, underpaid and highly stressed living. There are 5 quadrants that are continually asking for balance in your life, this week we will go over each quadrant and define how you can maintain balance along with harness the inner workings of your internal elements to create a harmonious environment within yourself. Tangible results have been reported within 15 minutes of doing just this one exercise!






Module Four| Bringing Awareness To All That You Do

Bringing Awareness To All That You Do: If you ask the first person that you know what they did yesterday, they will most likely tell you only 25% of the day’s activities, AND they will speak about it as a separate event to their involvement. Wow! Most people are living on autopilot, unaware of how much input they are giving or not into their own lives and the lives of the people they love just to ‘get by.’ We are going to change that behaviour this week! No more coasting through the day to make it to the weekend so you can relax, and still not live your life according to your inner dreams. Enough of feeling isolated, confused, lost and unable to make a difference in your life or change your current circumstances, this week ALL of that will change! By bringing awareness to all that you do, your life changes, you shift your awareness and the universe perks up to what you ask for!





Module Five | Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose: During week five, you will discover what your soul purpose is and come to understand how your relationship to your purpose will be a defining moment that will definitely mark a turning point where you will become empowered and have an opportunity to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. You are born to emanate your Soul’s Purpose, to create from it and build a life from the foundation of understanding your Soul’s Purpose. With the knowledge of your Soul’s Purpose, you can begin to experience and perceive your actions, thoughts and choices from a place of deeper awareness while healing any past issues that have caused disassociation to the body, mind and spirit.






Module Six | Preparing For The New Self To Emerge

How many times have you said to yourself that you were going to go on a diet, make more money, change your behaviour, leave your relationship, change jobs, go on vacation and you just don’t do it? You don’t make the changes necessary to create a new platform to come from, to make way for the new as the new might be a bit scary and you just don’t know what is going to happen -“if.” That ‘if’ is what stops 97% of the people on the planet from living their dreams, supporting their dreams and goals to change and to living their soul purpose. The elusive ‘what if’ stops people dead in their tracks of making way for a new self to emerge. Not anymore! Week six you will learn three brand new techniques to stop old patterns from sabotaging your current behaviours to repeat them self, you will be given this technique to use anytime and anywhere to change these old self-blocking patterns to enable you to bring the new self to the forefront. It’s time to live your life on purpose and begin manifesting a life of abundance in your relationships, into your finances, receive emotional stability and bring mental clarity to your physical presence.


Module Seven | Preparing For Self Mastery

If you feel that you cannot make it alone and that you need help in creating a life on purpose, this week we will be exposing the ancient myths of self mastery and why it is SO important to build a trusting relationship with 4 levels of awareness that ultimately determine your life’s outcomes and to living your soul’s purpose. The ancient wisdom that will be passed down to you this week has the ability to transform forever how you think and behave with yourself, in your reality, your relationship to the world around you and how you experience every waking moment. Stop feeling powerless and useless when you know deep within yourself that you are here to live an exceptional life and to be of service to the world in whatever way that shows up for you.





Module Eight | Living Your Mastery

Self-mastery will give you inner peace of mind, heart and soul and allow you to go about your days in harmony to the world around you, no more messy emotions, confused state of mind or misdirection in life. It’s time to harness the power within you that you were born with, it’s time to live your truth! You will be given a blueprint for the next three months to living your mastery, how to maintain balance, create an outcome and follow through on that outcome to bring it to its completion. Yes, completion!


8 Week Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose


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