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Deborah Skye is an expert in her field who is sought after worldwide for her intuitive gifts and knowledge. She has over 20 years experience in holistic healing, teaching and soul coaching. Skye trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon, both highly recognized experts in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy.


I decided to jump feet first into this PLR course. However, on Friday morning my head had yet to catch up to the magnitude of my decision. Although I had never experienced a Past Life Regression personally, I had to follow the demands of my heart, and trust that I was guided to the course for a reason. Thankfully the intimate setting and welcoming spirit of Deborah Skye alleviated all fears of my inexperience. The three day course was packed with tons of information, hands on experience, Deborah Skye’s astounding knowledge; and memorable moments of reflection, introspection and connection among the class. I stepped into this course not really knowing what to expect, yet left with confidence in my ability to facilitate my own Past Life Regression!” S.Y.


Past Life Regression Therapy Professional Online Training

PLR Manual
“For many years, people from all over the world have asked me to come to them and teach in their country or city. There is only one of me; there are thousands of people who desire the teachings of Past Life Regression! I listen to your input and feedback all the time, that is why I am able to bring such cutting edge and relevant topics to the forefront for you and quench your thirst for knowledge and deeper Spiritual Connection.“So, it is with my great honor and love that I present to you The Past Life Regression Therapy Certificate Training Course-Online.”

  • Personal Certification, the exploration and understanding of Regression Techniques to use on friends and family.
  • Professional Certification where you will receive more direct training with me through DVD & CD’s.

You will learn the ‘know how’ of Deep Regression Techniques and the license to facilitate my own personal “Awakening To Your Divine Self” technique, once you are Certified.

Brian Weiss
Dr. Brian Weiss & Deborah Skye

This is the FIRST time ever that this type of training has been available to the public.

This training will lead you to more spiritual direction, clarity in your business, a deeper sense of purpose, and more insight into understanding yourself personally and professionally. You will get a blueprint detailing HOW to run a successful Past Life Regression Therapy holistic practice. You will learn how to conduct a regression, what to look for, how to bring your clients more deeply into regression and all aspects of conducting a regression on family or friends, or your global clientele.
Deborah Skye covers every aspect of PLR and shows you via video what a regression looks like first hand, how to conduct a consultation, what words to use during the regression and what may show up in a session. There are 4 online Live Regression Sessions for your educational advancement. The work, the topics covered, and the manuals delivered to you are some of the most thorough training materials developed to date!

Manual PLR
Pre-Order your Personal Certification Course 3 Training Manuals & 1 Personal Certification all available online as downloadable educational materials. You will receive a Seal of Approval Badge to add to your website, or blog, to let people know are a certified Soul Therapy practitioner.

Pre-Order your Professional Certification Course 4 DVD’s. 3 Training Manuals, 1 e-Book, Access For All Members, 1 Professional Certification and 1 Seal Of Approval Certification for your Website.
All materials are online and down- loadable, training manuals are in PDF format for easy access and all CD’s are MP3?s to download and listen to on your iPod.
You will be given a 9 month completion period with one letter of reference to be handed in prior to Certification. You will also have a private call from Deborah Skye. Read below for those students who have already taken prior trainings with Deborah.

All materials are online and down- loadable, training manuals are in PDF format for easy access and all CD’s are MP3’s to put onto your iPod.




Attention: Healers, Massage Therapist, Trainers, Speakers, Counselors, Life Coaches, Therapist, Doctors, Solo-Entrepreneurs, THIS is a MUST to have in your library and to have in your training for an advancement of understanding the Human Emotional Body and how to release & forgive all Past Lessons that no longer serve a person today. It will awaken and open up your understanding of how to heal and assist your clients to tap into the core of their life issues much quicker with more rapid results, while teaching you how to facilitate, manage and reach your ideal clients worldwide. There is a full client profile and marketing manual to assist you to becoming successful in your practice.

P.S. If you have taken a Past Life Regression Course with Deborah Skye, this Professional Certification Training gives both beginner and advanced techniques and this Certification will qualify you as an Advanced Practitioner if you have prior Certification. Only those who have prior Certification will receive an Advanced Certification for completing the Professional Online Course, all others will receive a Professional Training Certification.

“Deborah Skye had an amazing ability to make everyone feel very comfortable. Her guidance was always given just at the right times. I came out of the course knowing exactly why I took it. I loved it and am very much looking forward to helping others.” GT


Deborah Skye is a Professional Past Life Regression Therapist & has trained with Dr. Brian Weiss of the Weiss Institute and is an Advanced Regression Therapist studying with Dolores Cannon. Skye is a Member of The International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, writes extensively on Past Life Regression & Future Progression both online and in traditional media publications, she has been a featured expert on Radio across North America and featured on TV for Past Life Regression Therapy.

Deborah Skye began her journey into Past Lives at the tender age of 6. By the age of 11, she was an avid student of Edgar Cayce. Her studies commenced as she began to learn about: Ancient Cultures, Soul Mates, Past and Future Lives, Earth’s Cosmic Relationship in our Universe and Ancient Mythologies.

At the age of 14, she had her first conscious Parallel Reality experience while at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, an Ancient Mayan Pyramid Temple Site. She experienced herself fully, in two worlds simultaneously, as a 14 year old girl and as a Maya High Priestess.

Her husband stood on top of the Pyramid of Kukulan, on a day of ceremony and preparations were taking place all around her. Deborah had knowledge of every single location and position of each pyramid, courtyard, observatory, cenote and landing port platforms.

That one moment of full recognition, not only changed her cellular memory to one of awakening to the ancient Maya in her, it was a fateful moment etching spatial time and awareness into one defining moment.

This experience has shaped her life for the last 28 years. Deborah Skye is the Founder of The Mayan Mysteries School of The 13Baktun, The School of Inner Light, Founder and President of The StarPower* System™, Creator of The Divine Energy Matrix Connection™, Author of Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose and Awakening To Your Divine Self. Her second book, Soul Immersions is due out in March of 2011.

You will learn:

  • how to conduct a regression,
  • how to diagnose the depth of a client’s induction,
  • techniques to regress a client into past life recall, into the
    womb and future life progression,
  • how to use your sixth sense to work with personal guides.
  • how to work, in past lives, with other soul guides.
  • how to see/hear lessons and determine the purpose of the client in a regression.
  • to feel absolutely comfortable and confident that you can lead another person into a past life regression
  • hand movements to use during a regression to facilitate clear
    communication between you and your client
  • the ethical relationship between client and regressionist
  • how to manage your own practice.

You will be provided with:

Client intake forms

Inductions for regressions

A manual for conducting past life regression

Certification upon completion of your course

A life changing experience!
Investment Fee: 8 x $250.00 Installments

Pay In Full:


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