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The StarPower* Soul Coach 14 Week Training Program is designed to give you a new career based on living passionately and purposeful by being of service and providing transformation for yourself and for your global clientele. In this 6 month program you will learn how to be a StarPower* Soul Coach, how to attract your perfect clients locally and globally and how to market effectively online so your business does all the selling for you. Let’s make this as effortless as possible and get you into alignment living your Soul’s Purpose.

You will be personally trained by Founder Deborah Skye King in delivering excellence to your future clients and being introduced to the StarPower* Soul Coach System.

It’s Time To Step Into Your Mastery & Become A Certified Starpower* System Soul Coach™

There comes a time in one’s life when the reality that personal and professional desires and goals are not being met, a larger magnetic pull is asking you to climb higher, stretch your belief and get uncomfortable so you can create a magnificent life.

To be in service to humanity is a calling most women know, we can feel it in the core of our very being. Without compromise you search and seek out the best solutions to your growing hunger to be fulfilled, not knowing what that may look like, but when you find it you just ‘know.’ A place of feeling at home within oneself.

Interview With Heidi Fujino: Certified StarPower* Soul Coach

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Interview With Shawn Anderson: StarPower* Soul Coach Client

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Who Is The StarPower* Soul Coach Certification Training For?

* Women who are invested in healing and well being, who want to live their life’s purpose and need the training, guidance and focus to complete a 6 month mentorship program.

* Women who are seeking a career transition and need the professional support and business blueprints to actualize their dreams.

*Women who are heart centered and are passionate about serving others while making a healthy income.

*Women who are stay at home Mom’s who are now ready to work from home doing work that is soul purpose fulfillment, emotionally and intellectually engaging, financially supportive and professionally inspiring.

*Women who know they are here to make a difference and want to put all of their healing tools, business ideas and visions into practice, while needing a solid foundation and business savvy blueprint to follow while receiving their own personal StarPower* Soul Coach Sessions to gain confidence, clear past traumas, heal emotional blockages and create strong healthy boundaries in all areas of life.

What Do You Receive By Enrolling Into The StarPower* Soul Coach Certificate Training Program?

*Monthly personal StarPower* Soul Coach Sessions with Founder, Deborah Skye King for the first 3 months.

* Monthly StarPower* Soul Coach Sessions for business strategy, marketing, client attraction and financial reports for the following 3 months.


* 14 Weekly Online Webinar Training Calls with Founder, Deborah Skye King.

* PDF downloads and files to view online or offline.

*MP3 recordings of all StarPower* Soul Coach training calls.

* Q & A email support throughout the 14 week training program.


* A new life, income, business and fresh start on being the amazing woman that you are by shining your gifts to the world and loving yourself completely, no matter what your past circumstances! We work creatively on your past stories to empower you to deliver a powerful perspective in who you are presently being, not your past.

“Deborah Skye’s training style is so laser focused and intuitive it hits you directly where it needs to.” Emily Day Watson

“I found StarPower* Coach while I was searching for the right direction to go in my business. I was struggling with marketing and had tried so many different things that were not working. I had spent tons of money and was starting to lose hope, I wanted to give up. I had done business coaching before, but I was not able to find someone that could give me specific things to change in my particular business. I then called StarPower* Coach and Skye was like no other person I had talked to. She helped me see things that I was missing in my business, and she was able to give me detailed instructions on the steps I needed to take to market my business (not just any business). Best of all I had clarity and knew that I was going in the right direction!

Since I have found Star Power Coach I have consulted Skye on many aspects of my life and I am always blown away by her knowledge and insight!”  Thank You For All That You Do!Elena Forbes |




“I found the Deborah Skye’s mentoring during the StarPower* System Training for Female Entrepreneurs to be super inspiring and motivational. Her support gave me the courage to begin the process of coming out into the world with my new work and the course gave me the structure to begin to bring my new work into the world.  Thank you!

Much Love, Leyolah Antara



“5 weeks ago was when my whole life changed. By whole I mean emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. I was at the start of a massive transformation, which still to this day astounds me. The person I was 5 weeks ago is not the person who is sitting here writing this. In such a short span of time I have learned to read my body – being aware of what it feels, how it responds and what it needs. With the StarPower* System and Deborah Skye’s mentorship and coaching my self-love, self-awareness and my ability to delve into deep, life long wounds has opened up and healed many areas of my life. I have less stress, aggression, depression and more joy, happiness, positiveness and focus. I have been able to tune into source and have been opened up to a completely different world than I have ever known before. My heart has opened and the love I have for others and myself has expanded to new heights.”

In Light, Heidi Fujino

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Certification Program Online: it does not matter where you are on the planet, you will receive archived recordings of all course material, participate live and receive all your documentation online via your email. You will be receiving individual StarPower* Soul Coaching Sessions™ with Deborah Skye throughout the course.

We look forward to sharing this timely information by providing you the highest quality of mentoring, training and StarPower* Soul Coach System to transform your stories, empower your life, enhance your financial contribution to the world and have peace of mind knowing you are living your Soul’s Purpose by being of service to your great work in the world.

“The StarPower* System is gentle, yet very unique in its ability to give you exactly what you need with efficiency and preciseness. If you are willing and devoted to step up, do the work and are inspired to become the best person you can be for yourself, your family and the world the StarPower* System is exactly what you need.”



Once you are accepted into the program you will be contacted and have an initial interview with Deborah Skye.

You will receive a welcome package after your application is accepted.



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