To invest into your self and your future is one of the greatest investments you will ever do. Soul Therapy International offers you two Certification Training Programs; Professional Past Life Regression Certification and Soul Therapist® Licensing both work excellent with each other and I advise my students to add into their core practice the Professional Training in Past Life Regression as it uncovers all subconscious beliefs that create self-sabotaging components of our lives. I have found it to be extremely beneficial with depression, anxiety, stress, disassociation, bi-polar disorder and many other mental and emotional issues which plague humanity.


Professional Past Life Regression Certification Training is a 14 week online training with lifelong access to our educational center and global association.
Not only do you have the advantage of working with one of the worlds leading experts in Past Life Regression but also the Director of The International Association for Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute, iapplrt.org. Deborah Skye is a Member of The International Association for Regression Research and Therapies,  has been trained with Dr. Brian Weiss of the Weiss Institute. Deborah Skye writes extensively on Past Life Regression, Future Progression and Parallel Realities both online and in traditional media publications and has been the featured expert on Radio across North America and on Vision TV. She is the Host of YourPastLife.TV & President of Soul Therapy School®.


Discover how to live authentically by healing your past and embracing your life with joy with Soul Therapy.

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