You Are NOT Responsible For How Other People React To You

healthy ageing woman You Are NOT Responsible For How Other People React To YouOne of the core beliefs that I touch upon in my book, Discovering and Living Your Soul’s Purpose, is that you are not responsible for other peoples emotional reactions, ever. Most people believe that they are and that breeds a society of victimhood, disempowered individuals who stay in a constant flux of emotional toxicity, leading to co-dependent unhealthy relationships. Sound familiar?

I would like to point out the difference here between being responsible to your own emotions and how that differs from taking on the reactions of another, which has nothing to do with you.

Most peoples reactions are embedded in the past and when you trigger an emotion that is not healed, released in love or forgiven, it comes back into the moment as if it still at the original point of it’s creation and responds in a negative, unhealthy manner. Most experience this as mistrust, guilt, unworthiness, anger, fear, frustration or anxiety, there are many more emotions that can come through like rage or the flight or fight response which is conditioned into the body’s chemical releases at a young age when trauma set in.

One thing that you can personally do is recognize within yourself that when you feel an emotional reaction coming up within you, stay calm and observe it, ask where it first originated or why it is now present and what is asking to be healed, you might be very surprised by the answers you receive. When you see others reacting strongly in a negative way to your conversations, opinions or choices in life, it really has nothing at all to do with you, it is based on their own past or present beliefs and most peoples beliefs come from their dysfunctional family patterns, generational inheritance on a cellular level, experiences which are seeking enlightenment and healing. The best and most influential relationship you can have with that person is to observe their reaction and continue on with what ever it is that you were speaking of, or discontinue and honor the other person inability to digest your own perception or ideas at the moment. Not everyone moves at the same pace, some people need more time than others to process what has happened, some people are unconscious of their pain and the origin of it’s traumatic miasm, it can take months to move through an experience or years even to recognize that you are experiencing deep pain within. You can reach out and ask for help and guidance, coaching or receive a healing from a qualified professional that can bring you gently yet firmly to a space of self-love and unconditional acceptance.

 *Definition of a Miasm: a hereditary genetic energetic disturbance or burden as it represents the body’s energetic weak-spot.

I Want To Interview You!

478 I Want To Interview You! I am taking on a project that involves doing many interviews for an upcoming show and I love to have my clients and friends join in with me first before I open it up to the public and to my PR team.

So here’s is what I have, a “pre-interview” with these questions that will assist both of us in sorting out what I can surprise you with. Please post on my Facebook Page Wall – “I’d love to be interviewed by you!”

I will be choosing a handful of ladies from all over the world to share your stories, |AND anyone can participate, I encourage you to join in on the fun! Your interview can be featured on my brand new website which is launching in 2012. My current viewing audience is 150,000 people globally a month, which means your story can touch thousands of peoples lives, feel liberated by voicing your experience, and be empowered as I walk you through my StarPower* Process For Accelerated Change.

Here are some details:
- you do not have to have a business or you have a thriving business
- you have a story about your life that you want to share it
- your past traumas have created such blocks or passions in life that it has been a catalyst for you (or you may think it can be)
- you have recently or in the past experienced something life changing
- you found your life purpose through a strange event or occurrence
- you have unanswered questions about what has happened to you around childhood and want to know why to use it for the benefit of others
- you have a burning passion to share and don’t know how to bring it to the market place and don’t have any support in doing so
- your self limiting doubts have kept you blocked and hiding from the truth of yourself, and you know it, you just don’t know how to climb out of it.
- you don’t feel like you belong on planet Earth and feel isolated, and scared and want to understand why
- you have big visions/goals in life, except you just don’t feel like you can do it, your insecurities and self- sabotage stops you from beginning or completing
- you want to create your own business, or develop and idea but you don’t know how or where or when (you need help)

If you have never met me, nor worked with me, this will be a step in the right direction to do just that. All interviews will be featured on my upcoming radio show dedicated to women and their life stories along with empowering techniques and tools to embrace the love that you have within yourself. It is my honor and blessing to serve you in this way and it is my goal to touch, transform and accelerate powerfully as many women’s lives as I possibly can in 2012.

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