Ego VS Soul – Who’s Winning?

ego vs soul Ego VS Soul   Whos Winning?In my private practice as a Soul Therapist, I am noticing more and more these days how many people have a misconception about their reality and who is running the show, their ego or their soul? Most people suffer from an internal struggle to do what they think is right rather than following their truth and inner soul yearnings, I hear stories of women giving too much and wanting to gain their power back and men speaking of a loss of their identity, wanting to open up their hearts to become more sensitive. It’s a changing world and the more we listen, align and respond to our inner desires, the more connectivity takes place within oneself.

Our world is made up of profound truths that stare you right in the face, yet denial runs so deep that it is easily portrayed as logical  sequences that one must follow to stay within the norm. The idea of  ‘normal’ is the biggest dysfunction that I see individually and collectively, from families to corporations, and people suffer from imposed beliefs that are not their own. Here is a big yet very simple truth, you have choice.

You can choose to live via your ego or experience your soul, simply your choice. Your family in which you are born into is your guiding foundation and one of the greatest teachers you will encounter within this life.  I have heard thousands of stories from women and men all over the world who are still controlled and dominated by how much their parents influence their life, even when they are parents them selves.  When making decisions it is always best to think of the internal and long term benefits and not the instant ego gratifications or the need to fulfill someone’s else’s desire of what your life should look like.

I’m noticing more and more these days how most people have a misconception about their reality and who is running the show, their ego or their soul? Internal struggle to do what they think is right rather than following their truth and inner soul yearnings, I am a steward for this planet to make sure that those individuals who are committed to live their souls purpose, be leaders and teach others their own gifts, do exactly that.

I coach and mentor hundreds of women around the world, helping to discover the voice of God-Source-Universe within and then provide practical tools and strategies to live from this place of connectivity. It is not the most easiest path, but it is the most rewarding, with freedom being the ultimate gift and I understand that we as a species honor that more than anything else. We collapse under constriction and being bound, unable to experience our own expansion and that is why the disconnection happens, when ego wins and dominates ones reality and point of view. I want you to understand that before you were generations of your own ancestors who were bound and constricted and this conditioning is what you were born into, a matrix of sorts.

Soul Therapy mission is to eradicate fear and suffering from the human conditioning, a condition that was created over 250,000 years ago.  We do this through Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Healing, Quantum Hypnosis Technique, StarPower* Soul Coaching & Divine Energy Matrix Connection.

Deborah Skye leads Spiritual Empowerment Leadership Retreats and Female Entrepreneur Summits throughout the world at Sacred Sites, Spiritual locations that our Ancestors lived based on Sacred Cosmology. To learn more about her upcoming Summit in Bali you can read more here.

Sneak Peak Into Your Life’s Destiny 2012

lifessouldestiny Sneak Peak Into Your Lifes Destiny 2012One of the core beliefs that I touch upon in my book, Discovering and Living Your Souls Purpose, is that you are not responsible for other peoples emotional reactions, ever. Most people believe that they are and that breeds a society of victimhood, dis-empowered individuals who stay in a constant flux of emotional toxicity leading into unhealthy relationships, I believe we all know and understand this. It is one thing to think something and another to actually DO and 2012 is all about being the observer to your awareness and your actions, then DOING what you know will lead to a desired outcome, without attachment!  You were born with the ability to choose your every move, create healthy boundaries at any age and to live full of self-love, yes that is right, YOU first. Without a you there is no we or they or us, it’s just them without you and that just won’t do! (I think I just rhymed?) 2012 is the year to let all of these binding and restricting patterns go, I know you feel it, you are up against a wall financially, emotionally, mentally or in relationships, something is holding you back. I speak to 5 clients a day and get 100′s of emails daily and I have to say-there is a pattern that I am seeing and ladies, it’s time to open up and to step out of your Goddess way to let your light shine brightly and if you have no one to brighten that light, find someone! Call in a girlfriend, a sister, a Mother, a mentor, anyone that will bring you to a greater awareness than you can personally do alone. You might want to shift your job into a whole new career and don’t have the support or understanding of how to get there, or how to leave a dysfunctional relationship. I hear from women all over the world who are seeking my services to empower their story, move them into alignment and support their purpose, the list is getting bigger by the days, it’s showing me the momentum that is taking place globally, women wanting to rise up and embody their Divine Feminine Soul. Our time has come, I know you know…it’s tangible, you can almost taste it! (I will be inviting you to join me in celebration, collaboration and partnership in the next month to live a WholeLife* to Breakthrough your personal barriers and Transform your life!)

spa treatment 300x244 Sneak Peak Into Your Lifes Destiny 2012Here are some tools for you to understand 2012 and peek into your Life’s Destiny:

1. You will have to listen like you have never before. You will have to listen to the inside of you speaking to you, it might be a whisper at first, but you’ll hear it. Please don’t second guess yourself when you hear that soft spoken voice, it’s been shut down for quite some time, so give it room to breath and to be heard -:)

2. You will have to understand your own personal boundaries and respect that of others, meaning stop feeling unworthy and giving yourself away and/or asking others to join you in your unbalanced energy. Ask Momma Earth to support you if you cannot do it for yourself, or feel alone, which you never are, you just might not see all the incredible being’s around you cheering you on!

3. Holism is the new ‘eco-friendly’. Holism is what I teach in my upcoming Licensed Certification Training for Soul Therapist, it is the unified theory of Being Whole, encompassing everything into your idealism, the shadow, the light, the spiral and the chord that keeps you held back., escalation to freedom-the release of attachments yet connected to everything. Our world and reality operates in a holistic realm, it’s time we all take up the ‘H’ and get down to Being REAL…Realize…Eternal…Awareness….LIVES WITHIN YOU… 

4. You are going to LOVE YOUR BODY exquisitely! Yup, devour and love, feel, be intimate with yourself, your living it in, enjoy it! 2012 is all about Immersion, hence the title of my upcoming book, Soul Immersions…you are Divinely Loved…and your Spirit wants some back-by embodying your yummy physical being. Learn the sensual art of Tantra and evolve your sexuality to the Cosmos, you are so much more than you are aware of, embrace it!

5. Partnership, relationships and old wounds: heal them, get rid of them, love and let go-it will return if it is whole, if not, say goodbye to that pain, you won’t be able to take it with you where we are going by the end of 2012, light luggage only…lightbody ladies. -:)

2012 is a year of embodying your own power, remember you can shine as brightly as any Star, (you were born with that purity of essence)…gain full awareness of why you are here, then bring it all home, to your heart and share everything that you have, without attachment and without an agenda to what you are going to receive in return. Give everything you’ve got in these next 12 months, and ask your Spiritual Being that resides within you to lead the way-you are worth it!

To book a Soul Engagement 2012 Strategy Session with Deborah Skye you can go here.

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