18 Things You Did Not Know About Me

Deborah Skye King Medicine Woman + Soul Therapist 18 Things You Did Not Know About MeI’ve been holding back and sitting in the Spiritual Closet, but now I am coming out and I want to share some qualities, abilities and what I call, gifts (we all have them at some level) that I am. My clients who work very close with me know some of these qualities as I use them to enhance their lives, to maintain their health and well being and most of all to guide them to being empowered and sovereign of their own lives.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do I freely go into any ones energy field or thoughts without permission. I have an on – off internal switch and I use it when I am working with clients to on, when I am not – it’s off. Of course I am always plugged into Creation and my abilities are finely tuned to not interfere with others choices but to be respectful of their journey. If someone randomly asks me to see into their future or past, read their soul code or take a look at their energy field, it’s a no go. They would have to book a session for that. Keeping my boundaries healthy + clean and am grounded in my awareness.

18 Things You Do Not Know About Me…

1. I can communicate with your future self giving you access to choices and opportunities you are currently unaware of.Courageous Souls Logo 5 18 Things You Did Not Know About Me
2. You can ask me any question and I can answer it from Universal Consciousness. Not questions relating to mundane legalities but universal concept, deep soul yearnings.
3. I see holographically into your organs when asked do body scans with my clients, accessing the physical, biological and generational stories that are store in each organ. I am able to visually see into each organ and read the health and vibrational language that each organ contains, your history, your ancestors history, parents and any illness or energy that is out of balance needing to return to harmony. I walk you through a synopsis of preventative measures and actions to re-balance your system.

4. I can hear your thoughts and read your brain wave activity. This is beneficial for you when there is a long held belief, now a peptide, that no longer suits your vibratory realm. I can help shift the neurotransmitters in your brain creating a new pathway and stream of consciousness to be conducive for your benefit. Most brain wave activity is repeating emotional patters of judgements inflicted upon self, usually created during childhood by a parent or authoritarian figure, they are called peptides. Anxiety, SAD, depression, sadness and worry are reactions from the creation of the peptides. I release these toxic peptides from your chemical patterning to create a new system of awareness. I have been doing this for decades and the results have been incredible for my clients. They ‘get’ it and feel the effects instantly.
5. I bio-locate to many areas on the planet and off. I still remain present to what I am doing in my immediate environment. Most people who do this are in a meditative state, asleep or space out so much they cannot retain conscious awareness. It has taken me over 12 years to develop this.
6. I can be in 5 different locations and realities simultaneously, fully functional and present to my immediate environment. I have mastered the ability to be in parallel realities simultaneously while learning in other dimensions, accessing wisdom and information that allows me to be educated on many different topics, multiverses, quantum mechanics, oceanic vibratory languages – to read the sound currents of whales on our planet and the crystalline pathways around our planet linking up sacred sites, vortexes and powerful gateways. I expand frequency shifts between cultural timelines and have the ability to reach into vast amounts of knowledge that is contained within the Earth Mother, our planet at her inner core mantle.
7. I speak many languages not all from this planet. The Universe is vast so is her language. There are languages that are only sounds, others that use quick tones that interlude with consciousness – I interpret the relationship between these harmonic convergences and bring them into English interpreting them while in sessions for clients to understand their connection or relationship to a larger view and relationship to their Earth experience. There are times when I fully grasp what is being communicated solely by the vibrational tone, geometry or color/hue depending on what octave we are speaking into.
8. I have had otherworldly interactions and experiences my entire life. It has taken me years of training to hold this vibration and integrate it, be grounded and supported in it. My ideas and beliefs about universal races has never been shared publicly, this might be the decade that I do. There is so much beauty available to our world.
9. I am in service to Gaia, the Sacred Goddess. I love nature, her intelligence and wisdom is universal.
10. For 30 years I have worked in Sacred Temples + Pyramids around the world. I activate bio-harmonized pathways with sacred geometry that link into Stargates, recalibrating crystalline systems that are build within the design of the temples and pyramids. I am always given instruction as to which Temple I am to work with and the design layout pattern. I usually end up speaking a language that is known to the place and location when I work at these temples and pyramids, these languages are unknown to me, but speak through me to tone into the fabric of creation that is taking place while I do the synergy work. It’s quite magnificent, I am always in awe at the beauty I get to witness.
11. I am able to communicate and share with you the story of your Soul.
12. I work in a 5-level holographic sphere within your physical body, organs, glands, nervous system and neurotransmitters to recalibrate your frequency to one of inner harmony.
13. I have spent many years alone in the jungle and yearly I return to speak + sit with my Spiritual Council in the jungle undisturbed by the energy of other human beings. It is here that I get to sit with my brethren and am taught what to share via my mentoring programs and at Soul Therapy School®
14. I am guided by Source Intelligence.
15. I serve humanity to experience freedom, serving connects me to my Soul Essence.
16. I can speak to anyone or anything living and dead, in any location on the planet or in the spheres.
17. I can tell you your Souls Purpose in less than 3 minutes.
18. I will share the truth of YOU if you allow me to.

Courageous Souls Bird Gold 18 Things You Did Not Know About MeIf you would like to experience your own transformational and remove blocks that are keeping you stuck or if you are desiring to embrace your own Spiritual Purpose in this life, please put your name and email here: www.SoulTherapySchool.com 

I am honored and blessed to be of service to you.

Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!

Soul Reaching Out Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!I see it daily on social media, hear it from my clients from around the world, I see it in the growth of humanity and the shame the hinders their growth all at the same time.

I have a question for you: “How much do you desire happiness, inner peace, financial richness and soulful vitality?” easy question wouldn’t you think? When I propose this to new clients to gauge where they currently are, and where they can be, I hear the attributes of desire, the insecurity of the willingness to bring it to fruition and the unexpected realization that it can happen, all of it. You know the #1 ingredient I look for in my clients? Commitment to their purpose.

Now, hear me out on this as 98% of the world have no clue what their purpose is, but I noted the “commitment” to their purpose. Their Soul knows exactly what their purpose is, it shows up everyday in every way to reflect back to the individual a pathway to deliver it to them, front and center. Do you know how many preserver to arrive at the quantitative moment when the realization that every single thing in their life since their childhood has been pointing out exactly what their purpose is, it’s like a hallelujah moment from within? Not many when you count how many get stopped by what I call the beast within. Want to know why not everyone gets there?

Self-inflicted neediness to fulfill the ego desires. It’s insidious, it’s extremely selfish and self serving. Want to know how it shows up? Self deprecation, underlying tendencies to create emotional and mental chaos in ones life to cover up the real core shadows that hide behind the shame, the guilt, the pain that continues to reside within.

With over 30+ years of research into the human condition and it’s particular behaviors, I have noted that since the fall of humankind took place, (a separation from it’s natural state of organic integration with the world around it self) the lowly beast within, ‘the mercurial mind’ feeds it’s host an undernourishment of self love. It breeds upon and into itself a love triangle that creates a myopia in the mind delegating new pathways for pain, a lonely space for peace, it embellish itself with falsified experiences that are felt as hatred of oneself, no regard to self actualization, a narcissistic implosion that deems one better than others, even though reality shows that this is not true. The need to be filled is served an empty plate. Ones inner desires will never be quenched when experienced from this inner neediness. There is help and there is a way.

How to cure the beast within?

As the Founder & Director of Soul Therapy School and a Professionally Licensed Soul Therapist™ I am able to uncover the core needs that are not being fulfilled or compassionately exposed. The extensive range of clients that come to see me are from the age of 11 – 57 years old. Parents who are in need of help, not understanding why their child is suffering hallucinations of the mind and emotions, to women and men who are desperately desiring to get once and for all out of the prism of the mind that has kept them trapped for decades or years. Here are some steps to recognize within oneself to stand up and stop being a victim to your own experience.

Stop feeling that your pain is the only pain.

Stop believing that your experience is unique and that no one out there is going to understand you, they do, believe me, there are more people experiencing this type of life experience than those that are living happy and peaceful lives.

Stop hiding yourself and own your relationship to Source/God/Universe/Goddess/Shiva, etc. Take up a practice that consumes anywhere from 3-10 minutes a day that focuses on grounding yourself into the Earth, quieting your mind and seeing the simplicity of beauty right in front of you.

Stop putting on a painted face when inside your crumbling and breaking apart. Share your pain with someone who can objectively identify where your pain originates from. A parent or friend usually is not the answer, they are too close emotionally and usually are not qualified to offer a honest input to your reality. You can bring into your professional services a Licensed Soul Therapist to assist you in understanding, healing, releasing and creating a new life path that is prosperous, delving deep within to heal in the shortest amount of time possible so you may step into your new life experience.

Stop covering up your shadow of self doubt, inner confusion, lack of focus, financial dept, loss of personal security in the world, your neediness. There is a solution to every single thing you are experiencing, you just don’t know that it is available at the state of mindset and emotional confusion that you sit in daily. It’s obscured from your reality at present.

Stop yourself from constantly reaching out to people out of your neediness to greedily feed the beast within. It is hungry and will seek out others to feed from once it has had it’s full from you. This is recognized as a co-dependent behavior.

You are not alone, you are a divine being, your presence on this Earth matters and you were given a job, it’s your purpose, to complete by coming here. Yes, you! IF you do not know what it is, book a private session to uncover the truth of you, to understand why you are feeling this way and to stop the pain from recycling every day or month. If you do know what it is-DO IT with every ounce of love that you have for your pain, reverse it and share it with others. I have to say, with a clear perspective (remember it’s obscured if not healed) you will come to understand one day why your personal experience is the greatest gift that the Universe has provided to you to learn from. Right now, it’s time to WAKE -UP

I have placed specific definitions below so you can understand more about the language used in this article and also how much the inner workings of the ego prevail.


1. to challenge the power of; resist boldly or openly: to defy parental authority.
2. to offer effective resistance to: a fort that defies attack.
3. to challenge (a person) to do something deemed impossible: They defied him to dive off the bridge.

4. Archaic . to challenge to a combat or contest.

my·o·pi·a (mimacr Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!-omacr Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!prime Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!pemacr Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!-schwa Your Divine Wake Up Call: Your Soul Is Reaching Out!)

1. A visual defect in which distant objects appear blurred because their images are focused in front of the retina rather than on it; nearsightedness. Also called short sight.
2. Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning


Tending to undervalue oneself and one’s abilities.

self-deprecating, self-depreciating


having a tendency to disparage oneself


tr.v. em·bel·lished, em·bel·lish·ing, em·bel·lish·es

1. To make beautiful, as by ornamentation; decorate.
2. To add ornamental or fictitious details to:
b·east·with·in (Deborah Skye King’s definition)
the brain has a myelin sheath that covers the occipital lobe at the back of the brain. This part is hardened by neurological pathways that are steeped with symbolism, archaic and lingering pulsations that make you act or react to the world around you. Your occipital lobe does not understand or perceive time,everything is relative to the present moment as a spherical journey, what happened 10,000 years ago is still present today in the emotional body and this part of the brain along with other areas, that create your present day circumstances of recognizing the truth of a situation. Does it come from a fear based emotion from the past or does it exist in the mind as a trigger to keep you in the moment of the fear that was generated?

More on that at Soul Therapy School

Embracing Your Ancient & Divine Gifts ~ No One Does It Like You Do It!

Deborah Skye 14 yrs old 224x300 Embracing Your Ancient & Divine Gifts ~ No One Does It Like You Do It!

Deborah Skye Temple of the Scorpion 14 years old

30 years ago Mexico called me to explore my ancient relationship to the Maya and to remind me of who I am at my core. I was 14 years young; my family was on Christmas vacation in Cancun, one day we all  journeyed out to Chichen Itza in a rented jeep. 
I still remember the tree I stood  when I entered the grounds of Chichen Itza, my body froze as I took in the colors, the sounds, the entire landscape that I somehow had a blueprint etched into my soul, I knew every single part of this Sacred place. I entered the Temple grounds  as a passenger on a journey to an ancient world and in an instant the whole landscape transformed and there I stood as a Mayan Priestess; I was no longer just a 14 year old girl on vacation, but now part of the whole experience.

I looked over to my right and there on top of the Temple of Kukulan was my brother, a Royal Priest dressed in white attire, plummed headdress and a colorful skirt with detailed symbols handcrafted of our ancestry, our royal family displayed for all to see and  honor and to be reminded of our responsibility to the Gods.

I felt this urge to look down at myself standing at the tree and there I was wearing a similar long white robe, my hair a brilliant black color, my lips freshly painted with berry juice for a glistening reddish look that brightened my lips and  I was adorned with jewels.  Just then I realized I was both a 14 year old girl and a Priestess, when I understood what was happening, an elderly woman who resembled a medicine women, a shaman, walked past me dressed in a white robe. Her hair was flowing in the wind, pure white with a bit of grey in it and her body was small and frail, yet somehow exuded a strength that only age can tender within ones spirit, she was about four feet five inches and as she peered up at me looking me directly into my eyes, she made sure that I acknowledged her and took  in her essence. She acknowledged me by giving off a small chuckle that was felt from within her heart, yes she said to me, take it all in, soak it up and remember who you are. The conversation we had that day, in that moment telepathically will never leave my memory, it is still fresh today.  When I recall her eyes, the story is told yet once again, I am captured by her vitality of spirit and feel her as kin, she exposed me to the universal context of this  ancient Atlantian civilization that I saw before me.  She vibrationally set a tone within my body to merge whole heartily into this world that I was experiencing and she has never left my sight. I have worked with her in Australia while  in Initiation at Uluru with the Star Elders, while flying through the cosmos while in ceremony on the mountain tops of Peru and in the heart of the city while undergoing deep transformational work while cleansing my soul, she has been there, smiling and all knowing.

Chichen sacred cenote 198x300 Embracing Your Ancient & Divine Gifts ~ No One Does It Like You Do It!

Sacred Cenote of Chichen Itza

No one could see her but me, and as I watched my brother on top of the Pyramid, no one else existed who was there that day with me, not my family nor the tourist that walked the grounds of Chichen Itza. As I looked over in amazement at my brother who was having an internal conversation about leading the people and doing Ceremony,  I heard within my mind that my brother was to show stamina and strength I, inner guidance and patience to represent these virtues to the people who sought us out for support and leadership. I gently guided him telepathically and energetically to make a quick decision and to stop analyzing it, but to feel it to into reality. He moved instantly into leading with Lord Ik’ (wind) by raising his powerful right hand into the air towards the cenote.

The day was perfect, I nearly ran to the cenote I was so excited to go to the splendid waters, to the observatory and recall all those amazing  stellar nights, the people, the feelings of family and community, I danced with Chichen in my memory and tickled Chac Mol as I stood before him, all familiar faces and recalled places. My ancient family had welcomed me back home.  That day is as clear as it was when I arrived now 30 years later, as I return once again for Ceremony to initiate the energies of another cycle in 2012. I  have done this before and many times, this is not the first round of this calendar but another etching in the wheel of the spiral.

At 14 to enter into another parallel reality is something that can be shocking and quiet scary, but I’ve been doing this my entire life. Since I was a child I have been speaking to the departed, communicating and participating in parallel realities, telepathically addressing my guides and listening to my dear friends from the stars, who have assisted in leading the way and reminding me with a swift kick when I’m not on track to my mission here.  They have always guided me to do what I came here to do, serve humanity, honor our planet and assist her through this transformation. Most of all, to release the pain and suffering that humanity has become bound by. The illusion has become thick.

Since 1999 I have been serving my global community by offering Sacred Travel to the Maya Temples & Pyramids. I have

Skye Tikal Templo 300x224 Embracing Your Ancient & Divine Gifts ~ No One Does It Like You Do It!

Tikal, Guatemala

taken groups to Palenque, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Uxmal, Dzibiltaltun, Uaxatun, Yaxha, Tikal and trekked into the jungle on a six day journey to the largest pyramid complex tin the world, El Mirador. It was epic. The information that I receive at each site is research for my students, clients and for the programs that I offer. It provides in-depth value to the relationship of inner harmony to live empowered and free.
I was instructed by my council to go to Coba and do Ceremony before I arrived, so two days ago I prepared myself and embarked upon the travel to Coba early in the morning and upon arrival shifted my body and mind into its sacred space within that allows me to listen, hear and see everything that is not usually seen or heard – I become an Oracle to receive information and insight. I was given very specific instructions to open up a Gateway here from El Mirador, up to Orion’s Belt then into this specific Temple and then over to Egypt. I began the Ceremony with my body electrified by the vibration coursing through me and entering into a trance like state that allows me to embody the Gods (the Maya refer to the Wind, Eagle, etc. as Gods)  who speak to me while in Ceremony, for I become the physical conduit for them.

Coba Ceremony  300x168 Embracing Your Ancient & Divine Gifts ~ No One Does It Like You Do It!

Coba, Yucatan, Mexico

I began speaking K’iche ( a Mayan language) as my body warmed up to the vibration and my feet took in the powerful earth energies streaming throughout my meridians. There has only been one other time I have ever spoken this language fluently and without past knowledge or study of the language itself and that was 14 years ago in Tulum. It’s a powerful language and I mimic it in Ceremony amongst the Elders and with Spiritual Guides, but rarely on my own and spontaneously pulled forth to communicate, it’s rare and on this day, I spoke loudly and with courage.
I walked clockwise around the Temple and each third step I called out a Sacred name in K’iche loudly and from deep within my heart. My right hand positioned itself in a very specific mudra (ancient symbolic hand gesture) and opened up to disperse an energy that was emanating from within me at this point ; a golden emerald green with a violet hue, penetrating deep within the central core of the Temple. It moved into the spot that was being called out from within the stone structure. It’s the one that you see here, above.  In all, 20 such points were activated until I returned to the center point stela, where I began a 13 tone activation from within, I began speaking faster and still in the native tongue of the Maya, my body shaking at this point and the energies accumulating higher from within. I have carried this energy in my body since last year from Nak’be the site of an ancient God who spoke to me and gave me instruction to transfer this energy the energies of Nak’be and El Mirador into Coba, Mexico. As the energies transferred I moved it from within my body, up to the top peak, to connect with Orion, then connected with El Mirador as the energy began to spiraling up and then down from Orion, from when it first came millenia ago.  It then siphoned itself into Egypt to the Great Pyramid. They are all in position to Orion’s belt, the Gateway. The serpent is the cosmic gateway, it is our sexual energy on this planet that is the conductor for so many powerful experiences, this is why the church and government have made sure it is abused, intoxicated and aborted. It was once our most powerful tool to connect with the Gods, (it still is when used in sacred ceremony and when merged in a unified equality amongst two people who resonate at the same frequency) now it is used to make money and degrade human lives.
There are specific agreements that I undergo when I am in service, a sacred vow that I have honored for decades. I do not engage in intimate relationships while transferring sacred cosmic wisdom to another sacred site, the energy is embodied within me and connecting intimately with another shifts and releases that energy from within my physical temple. I honor this sacred union and began my training at 18 when I learned how to withhold and work with sexual energy by retaining it within my being, circulating the energies and working with the divine feminine sequence of nurturing the internal organs and glands with the power it contains. I have not always been successful, but years of training has shown me how to maximize the energy as a conduit point to serve others instead of only myself. (I have a whole chapter dedicated to this technique and process in my upcoming book, Soul Immersions) This is not always an easy path when working with the sacred cosmic serpent, the wisdom contained within is the most potent energy on earth,  a very potent essence that can knock you off your feet, literally. Hence the depiction of the snake in the garden of Eden, which was actually a dragon and not a serpent, but more on that in a later article, to imbed inside of you a fear of the serpent, the wisdom and your own sexuality.
Today as I head off to spend time with the dolphins I am reminded of our most important job as human beings, to love oneself and others and to honor life itself, no matter what form or shape or size it is. That being said, recall that you are one species living in an eclectic universe comprised of trillions of other species unlike yourself, but created as one. Look for the similarities that keep you bound by a single thread or millions of them by space and energy, the vortex of love is unconditional. We are still in our embryotic stage of evolution, yet there are parts of who you are that are ancient and wise beyond words and more powerful than the light that illuminates our world, our Sun.
As we enter into a new vibration of acceptance, self-love, understanding and compassionate love for all of life, know that you have been here before, have played this role many times and that your choices create your future and past at the same time, it is in the now that you are can become aware of your power within. Be conscious in your actions to create the manifested world in which you desire to breathe into. Remember: you are a divine and ancient being, embrace it, because no one does it like you do!

Lesson #1 ~ Embrace Your Divine Gifts

Lesson#2 ~ Be Grateful To Your Ancestors, They Have Been Supporting You All Along

Lesson #3 ~ Honor Your Inner Journey

Lesson #4 ~ No One Else Rocks Your World Like You Do, Own Yourself!

Would you like to join me on my next Sacred Maya Journey? 

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February 8-16th 2013 Yucatan, Mexico 

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Mercury Retrograde Is Doing It’s Deep Dive To Your Core Issues Once Again!

love eyes Mercury Retrograde Is Doing Its Deep Dive To Your Core Issues Once Again!Mercury retrograde brings up your core issues and tests your patience on what your ego wants and how fast it can get it.  I watch cycles in people, how the moon affects the emotional body and state of inner balance of a person, the inner and outer planets and how they affect overall response patterns deeply embedded into the subconscious of individuals and most of all, how people respond during these extraordinary times when faced with large planetary configurations that will always bring up the shadow side to release or let in some special insight to move forward.

I said to a client yesterday, “Your not communicating with the world outside of you because your not communicating with the world inside of you!” He had come to me because of a lack of social engagement, feeling depressed and lonely. What we realized during our Soul Therapy Sessions was that he was all in his head, caught up with the imagined world and not in the physical body that asks for action to manifest ones goals and desires. There are many factors that lead up to this experience but most of all the environment in which one put themselves into.

Mercury retrograde will bring up your deepest core issues and it will play games with you that you feel are the best decisions to be made but they are fed by the shadow to continue to keep you sheltered and playing small. I’d like for you to begin watching your patterns, your cycles and your internal conversations when mercury goes retrograde so that you can be aware and outsmart your ego and deep residing fears. What happens is that your core issues come up for review each time until you clearly recognize what mercury is teaching you about the situation.

I have been doing this for over three decades, my thirst to understand how the human condition compels me to travel around the world and seek it’s substance and depth of why and how humanity is so powerfully driven by deeply imprinted core issues that keep you tied to your past unhealed spaces and places throughout your soul’s journey’s. Always asking for your spirit to be liberated so your human experience can be one of service is the work of mercury retrograde, but when so much of humanity is caught in the drama and ego mind of the unhealed expression of their core issues then mercury retrograde does not become the fun ride it is intended for.

Mercury retrograde offers you the opportunity to open up, heal lifetimes and clearly understand the root cause of your current experiences that make you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, regretful and outright fearful! Three times a year for three weeks you are given, handed by the celestial realms, the opportunity to sit back, take stock, re-frame your life and ideas about what is driving you. If you are seeking success and are not attaining it, in the chosen area you desire success in, then you can recognize why during a mercury retrograde to heal the block once and for all so you CAN attain the success you desire. Most people cower at this point and retreat into their shell wondering what is wrong with them, why have they not achieved the success they want (in any area of life) and their mind will conjure up situations that will support the reasons why, taking them deeper into their hiding place.

For three weeks you get to look deeper at your current situation and why you are not fulfilling or living at your optimum point. You can uncover the reasons why and transform your consciousness during this time to create an equality in relationship to your internal and external worlds. You will be able to access information and wisdom from within yourself when you are aware of the qualities of mercury retrograde and not the symptoms that it produces.

There is a deep and profound metamorphosis that can transpire when you are listening to the gifts of this retrograde, what is your truth right now, how may mercury serve your greatest purpose and what is not serving you anymore will be in direct reflection when you listen with your heart and not your head during a mercury retrograde.

Personally, it is the most creative introspective time of the year for me, I honor this time to reach deep within myself and harness the truth of my world, what I am doing, how I am doing it, who I am doing it with and what needs to change. Mercury brings this change to light. I listen to the silly little mind that speaks of it’s untruths, as it’s showing up from the past, and integrate it into my heart and from here I gather the wisdom of what is my truth, not my ego desires. The greatest lesson I have learned from mercury retrogrades is that it’s a cycle in the year that I truly love and open myself up fully to my creative genius to explore, manifest, create in peace and quiet and to perform at my maximum capacity, it is when my greatest work is done and then brought out into the world.

Mercury Retrograde Facts:  magicalmoments 300x225 Mercury Retrograde Is Doing Its Deep Dive To Your Core Issues Once Again!

- Mercury retrograde asks me to sleep no more than 4 hours a night as I’m at my creative peak.

- I speak with my Elders at this time and ask to sit in Council to know what is the best course of action for me to take during this time. What I create and do now is manifested in three months time for my clients and the planet and then I set it free to be consumed by the masses.

- I release at this time old wounds and stories that do not serve me in the present moment.

- I get very clear on my relationship with Source/Creation/Universe/God/Goddess and ask in humbleness what is it that I am to do as Spirit in body for her, then I receive my blueprint of what service I can do or provide to humanity that will enable others to experience freedom. I get to it.

- I receive new Spiritual templates to work on and with.  For my clients and people who are currently working with me in my programs, they receive clarity on their own gifts and also see their limiting expression and what can be released at this time to open up to the greater heart and integrity of Self. It’s an exchange in partnership while working with me, clarity comes in waves and my clients get the same inner experience, as it relates to their own current situation.

- My greatest inspiration comes through during mercury retrograde.

- I build and re-brand a website at this time as it allows me to fully express my vibration and inspiration that is very pure to speak through me what will attract other individuals around the planet to this same quality of vibration and message that relates to their situation or desired future. 

– I am at my sexual peak at mercury retrograde. I harness this energy with deep breathing techniques that I have created and used for over two decades now. It opens up my higher perceptional awareness to merge into the great divine essence of Gaia, our Earth.  When I connect throughout her membranes, what I call her energy pathways of ancient knowledge, also known as her blood lines and veins through out the Earth, I shift in vibration to merge into her living awareness and bring that wisdom into my creations.  

- I get insight into my future during mercury retrograde.

- I organize all incomplete projects and materials that were left during the last mercury retrograde.

- I love myself deeply throughout mercury retrograde as I am aware that I am teaching myself my greatest lessons during this cycle.

What are you greatest fears driving you during mercury retrograde? Is it money, communication, intimate relationships, ego, judgmental thoughts to self and others, dependency upon others, selfish claims and demands, liberating thoughts that are freeing, insightful ideals and imagery, creative experiences, shut down emotions, feeling isolated and scared, not feeling worthy of love and self respect, commitment issues, self awareness. There are so many different types of expressions that mercury can bring up for you to experience – you perceive them as positive or negative, it’s your choice and it can be changed at any point.

Either way mercury retrograde is the Soul’s ability to heal and balance out situations, emotions, thoughts, deeds that are unhealthy for you or that limit you in perception and interpretation. When you perceive the world through your ego- you will experience the negative effects of these retrograde cycles that happen three times a year, or you can feel and experience the teachings that are showing up through the illusion of this trickster, mercury.

Mercury is known to heal souls and open one up to their multi-dimensional awareness as he incorporates communication, artistry, personal expression and conjures up the deep murky waters within to liberate and free humanity from the shackles of pain and illusion created by the ego and unhealed wounds from the past.There is great wisdom in these unhealed wounds and stories, the gift here is to experience them as such and then integrate the new awareness of what the issue is teaching you about your soul evolution.

I would love to hear how you experience mercury retrograde, please put your comments below.


SoulBookHere Mercury Retrograde Is Doing Its Deep Dive To Your Core Issues Once Again!

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