A Request To The Universe: Calling In A Man

Couple Dear Universe: I am calling in a man who sees my light and is empowered by it, who is not intimidated by what I offer to the world, he will not compete with my power, he will own his own impeccably. He’s got my back.

A man who exudes inner peace yet has a strong and confident presence while being gentle and kind with his energy respectfully.

A man who is financially independent and is embracing his purpose by living it.

A man who explores his playful side while indulging into his creativity.

A man who engages in tantric practice and who ‘gets it.’

A man who lives his beliefs and respects others opinions while maintaining a voice.

A man who beautifies himself yet does not look into a mirror to justify to himself of his looks, but knows from within how handsome he is.

A man who adores children, and/or has his own children and plays with abandon while creating safe and loving boundaries.

A man who communicates openly and encourages intellectual pursuits.

A man who takes chances in life and is spontaneous yet loves the comfort of his home.

A man who loves to travel and likes to play full out.

A man who respects the Earth, who is compelled to share his gifts of Divinity with the world silently or loudly-just as long as he is living his purpose with abandon.

A man who can challenge me yet ignite my feminine qualities while maintaining his masculine self.

A man who sees who I really am.

A man who focuses on the pursuit of possibilities and creates worlds of opportunities for others.

A man who cares deeply and understands his direction in life.

A man who has a relationship with his ego and understand how to balance it.

A man who knows the difference between sex and intimacy.

A man who is emotionally mature to live life BIG and not be taken over by the glaring lights.

A man who makes me giggle.

A man who is honest and trusts himself and understands the truth when he meets it.

A man who shares the same values.

A man who is invested in the next 7 generations and is conscious of his actions.

A man who adores me as much as I adore him.

A man who loves himself.

A Request To The Universe,

I am calling in a man who is a reflection of my own Divine Self.

It’s time to take a walk with me, I am ready.


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Deborah Skye King is the World's Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Bestselling Author and President + Founder of Soul Therapy School® . Deborah Skye is a passionate Global Leader in Personal & Planetary Transformation with over 30 years of Sacred Travel and research into the origins of humanity.


  1. Great way to “call in” financial wealth is to understand the law of energetics. Most people do not respect money, so it comes and goes. Imagine what the money is for and direct it toward that knowing the outcomes, benefits and how much it is going to enhance your life and others. Do not focus on money itself-but the emotional reward.
    Look forward to hear from you how quickly it comes to you!

  2. So beautiful and eloquent! Can’t wait to see what already exists come together!

    Fatma XO

  3. A beautiful and worthy list. Thanks for sharing — but more importantly, thanks for owning it and asking the Universe for what you truly want.

    I also want to encourage you that men like that are out there. I personally match a lot of those qualities, so they do exist. 🙂 Just keep living your bliss and living on purpose, and when he finds you, your man will be irresistibly attracted to you. 🙂

    The key is to keep being true to your self. Which I have no doubt you are. 🙂 When you’re authentically living your heart and soul — it becomes really easy for your soulmate to recognize (and totally fall in love with) you. 🙂


  4. Great reflection David! Thank you, appreciated.

    Deborah Skye

  5. Like that Fatma, “what already exists” great to connect with you this past weekend.

    -Deboah Skye

  6. Dear Deborah Skye,
    11 years ago I made a request to Universe much like this after growing tired of the same old relationship not meeting my deepest desires. 2 months after I created my request, I met Norbert and the rest is history. This was long before I knew anything about the “law of Attraction” or practiced any special “spiritual” techniques. I was just really clear that I was ready and worthy of the love I was seeking. Norbert & I still laugh at the timing, the list and how we met. It truly is magical!
    Your desires are already on their way!

  7. Hello Universe

    Thank you for attending to my Request today .

    Please may l re-enforce my request for the millions l requested some time back for all the projects l plan to accomplish!
    I do Believe it will be Granted. I thank you again for attending to my request to day .

    Peace and Blessings


  8. Hi Norma,
    Best if you write out the projects in detail and end with the outcome you are looking for, that way you will be very clear in asking what you desire and why. Good luck Norma! I will be doing a webinar on how I manifested my dream life, hope to see you on the call!
    Deborah Skye

  9. Hi Monica,
    Thanks for sharing your story, encouraging considering that you are both amazing people and have such a great relationship!
    This ‘Request to the Universe’ came to me and I was compelled to follow through on listing qualities that my soul desires.
    I like how you say “I was ready and worthy of the love I was seeking.” I feel the same way.
    Look forward to seeing you this summer.
    Deborah Skye

  10. I actually find your communication materials the last 2 weeks amazing and inspiring. I could only hope for the same from the opposite sex. I have been listening to your awakening to your divine self CD for the last months daily before I went to sleep and listened to it while I tried to sleep and for the very least, it helped me to be calm during my anxious moments. But today, I was placed on an administrative leave from my job with LA Community Development Commission for not meeting their expectations of me after just being on the job for 2 months! In this moment, I am only expressing or sharing what I am going through as an individual, being challenged of what I thought I was trying to be better from my own spiritual slef’s understanding. I do feel 100% that things happen for the best. In support for what you are trying to do as another spiritual being, I applaude your efforst and only wish the best for you and your daughter. Blessings and lots of love and light to you! Lots of Aloha to you and “One Love”! keep up the good work!

  11. Roland,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. Everything is in perfection so understanding that you are able to move forward with what you truly desire. If your job was not 100% satisfying, ask yourself what you really want to be doing to bring you happiness and of course the financial support to live your life with ease.

    Glad that the CD has been of assistance to your anxious moments, it is a good idea to listen to while sleeping so it can work during the night.

    Blessings Roland,
    Deborah Skye

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