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18 Things You Did Not Know About Me

Deborah Skye King Medicine Woman + Soul TherapistI’ve been holding back and sitting in the Spiritual Closet, but now I am coming out and I want to share some qualities, abilities and what I call, gifts (we all have them at some level) that I have. My clients who work very close with me know some of these qualities as I use them to enhance their lives, to maintain their health and well being and most of all to guide them to being empowered and sovereign of their own lives.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do I freely go into any ones energy field or thoughts without permission. I have an on – off internal switch and I use it when I am working with clients to on, when I am not – it’s off. Of course I am always plugged into Creation and my abilities are finely tuned to not interfere with others choices but to be respectful of their journey. If someone randomly asks me to see into their future or past, read their soul code or take a look at their energy field, it’s a no go. They would have to book a session for that. Keeping my boundaries healthy + clean and am grounded in my awareness.

18 Things You Do Not Know About Me…

1. I can communicate with your future self giving you access to choices and opportunities you are currently unaware of.Courageous Souls Logo 5
2. You can ask me any question and I can answer it from Universal Consciousness. Not questions relating to mundane legalities but universal concept, deep soul yearnings.
3. I see holographically into your organs when asked do body scans with my clients, accessing the physical, biological and generational stories that are store in each organ. I am able to visually see into each organ and read the health and vibrational language that each organ contains, your history, your ancestors history, parents and any illness or energy that is out of balance needing to return to harmony. I walk you through a synopsis of preventative measures and actions to re-balance your system.

4. I can hear your thoughts and read your brain wave activity. This is beneficial for you when there is a long held belief, now a peptide, that no longer suits your vibratory realm. I can help shift the neurotransmitters in your brain creating a new pathway and stream of consciousness to be conducive for your benefit. Most brain wave activity is repeating emotional patters of judgements inflicted upon self, usually created during childhood by a parent or authoritarian figure, they are called peptides. Anxiety, SAD, depression, sadness and worry are reactions from the creation of the peptides. I release these toxic peptides from your chemical patterning to create a new system of awareness. I have been doing this for decades and the results have been incredible for my clients. They ‘get’ it and feel the effects instantly.
5. I bio-locate to many areas on the planet and off. I still remain present to what I am doing in my immediate environment. Most people who do this are in a meditative state, asleep or space out so much they cannot retain conscious awareness. It has taken me over 12 years to develop this.
6. I can be in 5 different locations and realities simultaneously, fully functional and present to my immediate environment. I have mastered the ability to be in parallel realities simultaneously while learning in other dimensions, accessing wisdom and information that allows me to be educated on many different topics, multiverses, quantum mechanics, oceanic vibratory languages – to read the sound currents of whales on our planet and the crystalline pathways around our planet linking up sacred sites, vortexes and powerful gateways. I expand frequency shifts between cultural timelines and have the ability to reach into vast amounts of knowledge that is contained within the Earth Mother, our planet at her inner core mantle.
7. I speak many languages not all from this planet. The Universe is vast so is her language. There are languages that are only sounds, others that use quick tones that interlude with consciousness – I interpret the relationship between these harmonic convergences and bring them into English interpreting them while in sessions for clients to understand their connection or relationship to a larger view and relationship to their Earth experience. There are times when I fully grasp what is being communicated solely by the vibrational tone, geometry or color/hue depending on what octave we are speaking into.
8. I have had otherworldly interactions and experiences my entire life. It has taken me years of training to hold this vibration and integrate it, be grounded and supported in it. My ideas and beliefs about universal races has never been shared publicly, this might be the decade that I do. There is so much beauty available to our world.
9. I am in service to Gaia, the Sacred Goddess. I love nature, her intelligence and wisdom is universal.
10. For 30 years I have worked in Sacred Temples + Pyramids around the world. I activate bio-harmonized pathways with sacred geometry that link into Stargates, recalibrating crystalline systems that are build within the design of the temples and pyramids. I am always given instruction as to which Temple I am to work with and the design layout pattern. I usually end up speaking a language that is known to the place and location when I work at these temples and pyramids, these languages are unknown to me, but speak through me to tone into the fabric of creation that is taking place while I do the synergy work. It’s quite magnificent, I am always in awe at the beauty I get to witness.
11. I am able to communicate and share with you the story of your Soul.
12. I work in a 5-level holographic sphere within your physical body, organs, glands, nervous system and neurotransmitters to recalibrate your frequency to one of inner harmony.
13. I have spent many years alone in the jungle and yearly I return to speak + sit with my Spiritual Council in the jungle undisturbed by the energy of other human beings. It is here that I get to sit with my brethren and am taught what to share via my mentoring programs and at Soul Therapy School®
14. I am guided by Source Intelligence.
15. I serve humanity to experience freedom, serving connects me to my Soul Essence.
16. I can speak to anyone or anything living and dead, in any location on the planet or in the spheres.
17. I can tell you your Souls Purpose in less than 3 minutes.
18. I will share the truth of YOU if you allow me to.

Courageous Souls Bird GoldIf you would like to experience your own transformational and remove blocks that are keeping you stuck or if you are desiring to embrace your own Spiritual Purpose in this life, book a private session in person, phone or Skype. 

I am honored and blessed to be of service to you.

Why I Love Ovulating & Why You Should Too! (Men This Is For You Too!)

Why I Love OvulatingPrimal Sexuality & Spirituality Goes Deep During Ovulation

There are 3 phases during ovulation and it’s wonderful if yourself and mate understand what these emotions are and why they show up within a couple of days from each other, polar opposite within your moon cycle.

One day you can be emotionally needy, then wanting to cuddle then wanting to bask in the beauty of love making for hours and within a day pushing your partner away and not wanting to see her/him.

Sound confusing?

It isn’t if you understand your body, her rhythms and your monthly cycle.  Your partner will also be able to breath when she/he knows your cycle and can let go of your emotional neediness or rejection when she/he knows that it’s part of your cycle and then can honor that part. I know that when we understand the smaller cycles in our lives we can embrace the larger ones and acknowledge how we operate in our universe instead of getting down on how our emotions or mental thoughts dictate our actions and behaviors.

A women’s red moon cycle is a women’s most powerful tool to access her inner ancient wisdom, society has shut that out, made it a pharmaceutical issue and criticizes her innate power by labeling it PMS. That is pure BS.

I will not focus on the hormonal secretions and the estrogen that is released at different time so the cycle but more on the emotional and mental reasoning behind her behavior as it’s fascinating and will most likely bring to light an ‘aha’ moment in understanding your own experiences. It’s also great knowledge to have for when you are in your cycle and ovulating, you can refer back to this article for insight.

Phase One:

During the first phase of ovulation your egg is released and the body receives a new rush of energy and emotions into the blood stream, heart and mind. This is where an alchemical mixture has been released into your body temple, opening you up the powerful experience and expression that is going to take place for the next 7-14 days.

Emotions will begin to focus on ‘lack of,’ involving your appearance, what is out of order in your life, etc. You will seek out imperfections in your relationships and also begin feeling irritated in your body or to your environment, if you are in sync with your cycle and experience your moon time as a spiritual experience, this phase is of on internal growth and incredible insight into how to cleanse out what no longer suits your overall development. You get crystal clear on what works and what is not working and have the force of truth behind you to speak clearly and honestly.

A common complaint is that your clothes do not fit you and your feeling fat, of course you forget that your in phase one of ovulation, or that you cannot stand the way your partner eats or leaves his/her clothes hanging around, repeats herself/himself and patterns become very obvious to you during this phase if you have a partner. 

You are heightened to the fact that something is out of order, your body is giving you a feedback loop yet your mind is feeling extremely focused on what is not working, re: judgmental. What happens in this stage is that most people say you are bitchy or in your PMS phase. When in reality your body’s intelligence is telling you know exactly what is not working for you but you have not had the guts or honesty to express yourself.

Ah, the power of the Goddess showing up giving you permission every 14-21 days or so to speak your truth, express what it is you truly desire and/or journal about it. It is an amazing time to be reminded of the qualities that support your overall well being. If you feel you are not being honored in your relationship or that do not like something in your partner tell her/him, it will be OK. You have boundaries and at this phase of ovulation, your boundaries show up in a forceful way. It is a good time to understand and watch yourself to see how healthy your boundaries are during this phase.

This is also a great time to trust yourself and listen to what your body is desiring, what foods she wants to eat, who you want to surround yourself with and what impulses her to feel nurtured and loved. You will find that it is the most important aspect of your moon cycle, the input you receive at this time is gold, treat it as such. If you find yourself complaining about your work, individuals, your money situation or any lack of, pay attention, the Goddess within you is speaking up!

During the first phase of ovulation you are desiring nurturing, gentle and Goddess like delivery on how your partner treats you, you want to be heard and acknowledged, loved and respected. Your open to receive the delicate parts of yourself and receive them. Pay attention to who you are being, it’s a great example of who you want to become.

Phase Two:

Phase two of ovulation comes the day before your bleeding cycle and when you are bleeding, men know it and they can Exotic Beautysense the sexual attraction, your on fire hormonally.  Men can also hear it in your voice, the vibration will command them to be heightened sexually or turned off by you, the larynx and vagina show similar hormone receptors.

At this stage your partner can get very protective and jealous towards other men as he can sense your heightened sexual nature and creative energy to birth life. It is also a time when you will be attracted to men that you would otherwise not be, the bad boy, hard chiseled body and chin, rough looking or very masculine type when your partner might not fulfill that category at all.

It’s primal and it goes deep.

Single women have found themselves entwined in a quick love affair at these monthly cyclic impulses, hardwired for procreation the emotions of raw luscious sexuality take over. Every single sensory is at it’s peak, your libido is off the charts and your alchemical fluids are at a peak level to produce. The primal energy of life force is announcing herself to you to seek a mate to procreate within a loving yet intense way that will provide the raw sexuality that you seek and longevity in developing a relationship if you are currently in one. It’s a great time to share you core desires and needs to be heard and expressed openly to yourself and partner.

This is the time that your partner can be pleasantly surprised by your openness and candor in the bedroom and will feel your passion. Most women are conditioned to hide this phase within their cycle, take medication, cover up and continue along the day as if nothing new is taking place. 

Damn woman your body is experiencing a tidal wave of pure primal emotional/spiritual energy~ own it! You are in your FULL power here and most women never get to experience this as they are too tired or too busy to experience the power that is pulsating through her body and blood.

This is also the most psychic/spiritual phase of your cycle if you just slowed down to listen to her she will reveal incredible insights and truths to you. A natural spiritual molecule in your pineal gland DMT is coursing through your blood revealing your higher intuition and opening you up to your 6th sense.

Phase Three:

Phase Three of ovulation comes right after this peak level of heightened sexuality, from here you spiral down to simple
yet deep grounding into the earth for refocusing your energies on the world around you. Prior to this 7 day period the hot
topic on your mind and libido was finding a mate to co-create with. Now, your sane, present and your focus is back onto you.

If you are in sync with your moon cycle this can also mean round two in peak sexuality, for most who are not it will show up as nurturing and loving space between you and your partner, cuddling and gentleness are at the forefront during this stage.
Being a women means you get the opportunity to help assist in the healing of your emotional body, rise up into your full spiritual self and tap into your intuitive awareness and consciously participate with the Earth’s consciousness. She is asking you to tap into her organic rhythm and create with her to balance your life. You know how sensitive and bitchy, frustrated and irritated you become prior to bleeding? Have you ever asked why or have you left that up to the medical community to decide for you via labeling you and dis-empowering you through marketing to you a pill that will ease your power by calling it PMS, and re-pattering your natural moon cycle?
Here’s some deep insight ladies & men:
Your tapping into deep wisdom, your own. Your bitchiness is due to lack of fulfillment in life and the uncomfortable situations that you have gotten yourself into. What ever you don’t speak about and keep hidden for fear of communicating your truth, honoring your intentions and values or compromising yourself for another human being will make you feel depressed and undesirable. 

Mother Nature never compromises and either should you.

All the sensitivities you experience during ovulation are really truly there for your benefit! Not to shut you down, feel cranky, insecure, shameful or take medication nor to label you lowering the vibration of this powerful moment.
I believe that every single women on this planet should be in sacred space on their first day of her cycle and be served by others, not the other way around. No working, no cooking, lifting nor doing physical work for anyone else but herself. If you remember deep in your cells, the Priestesses served one another during this time, honoring, bathing, massaging each other, giving to one another.  I believe that every single woman or young lady should be taken care of in an unconditional loving and nurturing way, so she can tap deeply into her wisdom that is being revealed through the release of DMT to claim knowledge and understanding of what needs to be let go of in her life, enhanced or withdrawn as something that does not serve her.

She will also gain a deeper awareness of how to take care of her own well-being, which passes onto her children and her partner. It is a beneficial exchange as she is the foundation and creator of the household, if that is in a kiva, a suburban 4 bedroom home, a ranch, a log house, forest dweller, hammock or in a  high rise, it does not matter. Women everywhere on this planet can be in the experience of her power every 21-28 days embodying the Goddess within. 

I would love to hear your input and insight to this article. There is SO much more to share on this topic that will be shared in coming articles….please put your URL of your website down below if you speak to women on empowerment, healing and sacred ritual. I’d love to connect with you

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