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Stopping Short Of Excellence?

confident women Stopping Short Of Excellence?Where do you find yourself stopping short of your greatness? You know when your doing it, no matter how unconscious you think your thoughts are or how much in denial you ego has allowed you to suffer from not living your truth,  your body’s intelligence knows and understands the beauty that dwells within.

I have put together five main key points for you to gauge where you stop short from your excellence. I’d like for you t say yes or no mentally to yourself when you sense your answer.

1. You invest into programs and courses that you believe will give you what your currently seeking.

2. There is an uneasiness deep within you that feels unsettling and uncertain but you sense that there is more than what your exposed to on a daily basis.

3. You find fault in your physical looks & appearance, striving for a ‘look’ that will never be attainable due to it not being authentic and unique to you.

4. When you see financial opportunity you create self sabotaging behaviors that stop you from receiving wealth beyond what you believe you deserve.

5.  You choose to belittle yourself by talking with people about petty information that supports your ego needs, and provides the illusion of being reassured with decision you have made or are going to make.

None of these allows you to fully realize nor step into a life that benefits your overall well being. If you desire to live in greatness than you MUST surround yourself with greatness however that looks to you. If you desire to be a millionaire, then you will have to seek out others who have attained that state of wealth, or learn from her the skills and mindset that allowed her to reach that pinnacle.

This works on all levels for your physical, mental and emotional health leading up into your Spiritual wholeness.  Find one individual who you seek to mirror as your greatness, find out everything you can about this individual, how she overcame her own limiting beliefs. What training programs did she do, courses or education did she invest in that you can leverage for your own greatness and excellence. Especially important is what has been the fire under her belly to compel her to continue to succeed when all obstacles were again her? Find out these key aspects of where did she stop, if at all and where she overcame her greatest fears. This alone will provide you with ample resources to learn from and also the stepping stone to where you can see where you stop and monitor your desire for excellence.

One of the most useful and  advantageous tools at I have discover in my own success is to invest into my education as an entrepreneur by hiring on mentors that have excelled where I desired to be, learned one specific technique that has brought the desired results that I set out to attain. Where do you stop short in your greatness? It’s never too late to enroll in your greatness. The first step to your success is to know that you want it and that you can never do it alone.

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