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Releasing Your Past & Letting Go Of Old Energies

empoweryourself Releasing Your Past & Letting Go Of Old Energies There are times in our lives we know deep from the core of our being that it is time to let go. I recently had one of those moments that allowed me to release the last 20 years of my life, all the stories that had generated themselves into becoming an energetic burden that had accumulated into what we experience as personal belongings.

I gave away my entire 3 bedroom home in the mountains in Nelson, British Columbia, every piece of furniture from my daughters canopy princess bedroom set to my gorgeous chase lounge living room set. My two kitchen dining room sets, my one of a kind Spanish hand carved chairs, my top of the line stainless steel cooking wares, to every single pillow case, towel and curtain that was hanging on the walls.

I received word from my Spiritual Guides two week prior to moving across country that I was to give everything away with no monetary return, not one dollar. I totally understood why-if I did take something physical in return I would still be bound to the stories that created the energy packets in the first place, this experience was to free me from them, not continue to tie me to them.

When I received word that I was to give everything away I became inspired to find the perfect candidate. I understood it was to be a woman with a young daughter who was in need, when a woman came to my door five days later and told me she had been searching for me for the past three days because she heard that I had a household of belonging to give away to a Mother, she went in search of me.

She told me that her house recently burned down and everything that they owned was gone, I looked at her and smiled with open arms and hugged her with gratitude. She was my perfect match, she needed exactly what I had, and I needed her to provide the exchange. Her exchange was the material objects, for me, the release of them.  I immediately invited her and her 10 year old daughter into the house and  showed her the canopy bedroom set first, then the living room and the kitchen supply of two sets of dishes, glassware, Tupperware and crystal glass vases, she looked at me incredulously, I was beaming.

I was so happy to have her there and to show her all the new things that will fill up her and her husbands home, while her daughter has a fresh new beginning, they clearly were traumatized by the loss. I gave her a tour of my house, my art studio, the garage with a brand new children’s bicycle with price tag still on, when she looked at me and asked, “how much do you want for all of this?” I connected with my heart and looked at her in the eyes, “nothing,” I told her I don’t want anything financially in return. She broke out crying and hugged her daughter, it was a tender moment.

The amount of gratitude I experienced from releasing the past stories and experiences that were embedded in each and every piece of material object was incredibly liberating for me to say the least!

My question to you is “What are you holding onto from the past that has a story that you no longer deserve or desire to hold onto?”

Write your comments and answers below and share it with your friends, you never know who will benefit from sharing this story.

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