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A Request To The Universe: Calling In A Man

Couple Dear Universe: I am calling in a man who sees my light and is empowered by it, who is not intimidated by what I offer to the world, he will not compete with my power, he will own his own impeccably. He’s got my back.

A man who exudes inner peace yet has a strong and confident presence while being gentle and kind with his energy respectfully.

A man who is financially independent and is embracing his purpose by living it.

A man who explores his playful side while indulging into his creativity.

A man who engages in tantric practice and who ‘gets it.’

A man who lives his beliefs and respects others opinions while maintaining a voice.

A man who beautifies himself yet does not look into a mirror to justify to himself of his looks, but knows from within how handsome he is.

A man who adores children, and/or has his own children and plays with abandon while creating safe and loving boundaries.

A man who communicates openly and encourages intellectual pursuits.

A man who takes chances in life and is spontaneous yet loves the comfort of his home.

A man who loves to travel and likes to play full out.

A man who respects the Earth, who is compelled to share his gifts of Divinity with the world silently or loudly-just as long as he is living his purpose with abandon.

A man who can challenge me yet ignite my feminine qualities while maintaining his masculine self.

A man who sees who I really am.

A man who focuses on the pursuit of possibilities and creates worlds of opportunities for others.

A man who cares deeply and understands his direction in life.

A man who has a relationship with his ego and understand how to balance it.

A man who knows the difference between sex and intimacy.

A man who is emotionally mature to live life BIG and not be taken over by the glaring lights.

A man who makes me giggle.

A man who is honest and trusts himself and understands the truth when he meets it.

A man who shares the same values.

A man who is invested in the next 7 generations and is conscious of his actions.

A man who adores me as much as I adore him.

A man who loves himself.

A Request To The Universe,

I am calling in a man who is a reflection of my own Divine Self.

It’s time to take a walk with me, I am ready.

Never Giving Up & Breaking Through To Your Inner Light

The story of Choi Sung-Bong is inspiring but most of all it presents the journey of the human spirit and the will to never give up on your inner light.
I came across this story on Facebook and within 30 seconds began to cry, the compassion and humility that Choi expresses within himself is pure unconditional love for his story and himself. When Choi begins to sing, I am in total disbelief as it sounds like someone completely different, but herein is the beauty, when we are doing our great work, ignited from within and on purpose, we change form, shape and tone in how we express ourselves and Choi demonstrates that so eloquently.

I would love to hear your comments and how this video affected you and inspired you.

Please share this on your Facebook or Twitter and share the love!

P.S. “I Love You”

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