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Regression Therapy: How It Heals Your Past Emotional Trauma & Mental Confusion

Regression Therapy Healing Past Emotional Traumas and Mental Confusion

Regression Therapy has helped thousands of my clients worldwide to eliminate and heal from past emotional trauma, mental confusion, physical pain and suffering and most of all, spiritual disconnection.

The ‘human condition’ is a state of unconscious awareness where the intellect, emotional and spiritual maturity of a person has yet to heal past conditioning due to environment,  genetic disposition passed down via generations of mental and emotional abuse and has yet to let go of what has held them back from experiencing a life of freedom and self love.

The human being is one that has healed past issues and resolved to embrace life from a place of self nurturing and being in service via love and self respect.

Most conditions that have caused emotional and mental trauma occurred a young age, prior to 7 years old where the hypothalamus gland took hold of the flight or fight response and release of adrenaline into the blood stream for the sake of personal safety. It is a condition that is embedded into the body from our amygdala located within the brain stem, which determines your emotional and mental state. Today, that response is still activated by the small things that cause our nervous system to go on high alert and too much of this leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

For most, this is unconscious, but the buildup, the tension, and the resulting long term affects will be felt at one point or another due to our bodies unique way of communicating to us via our pains and troubles, through the physical world of our bodies.

Too much of this can lead to disorders of our autonomic nervous system , which in today’s society is a surefire sign of headaches, irritable bowl syndrome, which also affect hormonal and immune systems when a buildup of stress continues to build upon itself.  Chronic fatigue, depression, allergies, lupus, and autoimmune diseases ensue with the onslaught of too many neurons being triggered by the very fact that there is so much coming at us on a daily basis to choose from.

How to heal sensory overload and mental confusion?

Understanding the core issue of WHY you are experiencing emotional trauma or/and mental confusion can  save you years, if not decades of uncertainty and  many visits to the doctors or psychologist office.

Regression Therapy has assisted, released and healed thousands of my clients worldwide with depression, anxiety, stress, IBS, nervous disorders and physical ailments. Most importantly, Regression Therapy eliminates the confusion, anger, sadness, self loathing that happens when you are not in harmony within your self, misunderstood and not aware of WHY you are experiencing such mental turmoil or emotional distraught.

To  learn more about Regression Therapy and how it may benefit your current situation to shed 10-20 years of self-help books, sleepless nights, mental worry and anguish along with stopping you from living a life of personal freedom, inner peace and happiness book your private session today.

2012 Mayan Sacred Journey – Unveiling The Mayan Calendar!

I would like to invite you onto a Sacred Spiritual Journey to the Maya Lands in 2012, joining me on a Sacred Spiritual Leadership Program to empower you to embody your Mastery of Self.  ‘To Know Thyself’ is THE most important aspect of being human, to understand who you are, why you do what you do and how to do it with confidence and

Sacred Ceremony Tikal
Yesterday on top of one of the main Temples in Tikal, (a Pleidian Galactic Alignment & Stellar Gateway Temple Site in Guatemala) in a powerful moment when a Falcon swooped by and I went into deep trance to connect with 3 stellar gateways just overhead the Temple, connecting with Orions Belt and opening up the Crystal Chamber within.

assurance is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your life’s experience.

Most of you are already familiar with my beginnings of Sacred Journey in the Maya Lands since I was 14 years old and experienced Chichen Itza for the first time in this life. It created a foundation that I still lean upon today to refer to and reach for inspiration. I now want to
offer you this same opportunity
to experience a deepening of yourself and an opening to experiencing a greater reality than the one you presently live.  This is what Sacred Ceremony enables you to experience: widens the gap between the Sacred and Divine to the rational, logistic 3D reality which can deaden one’s senses and inner ability to dream bigger than you currently are. It is an opportunity to get unstuck, out of your own way and experience your Divinity, your birthright!
I am offering you the opportunity to join me in March 21-2012 for the Sacred Spiritual Leadership Program where I will lead you on a Journey to where the Mayan Calendar was born, Izapa. I experienced Izapa with John Major Jenkins, (Author of Cosmogenisis 2012, The Story of 2012, Galactic Alignment)  Robert Sitler, (Author of The Living Maya: ancient wisdom in the era of 2012)  Garth Norm, (Author of Izapa Astonomy and Calendar)  Jim Reed (Founder of the Maya Conservacy and Editor of the Institute of Maya Studies) and Mary Lou who owns the largest Jade mining complex in Central America, and 13 Maya Spiritual Guides from Guatemala.
I now offer you the same opportunity to experience this exquisite site that will definitely transform anything you have ever thought about 2012 and the Maya Calendar and bring peace of mind while opening your heart.  I will bring you to the source of the calendar and share in Ceremony along with nightly lectures and daily Spiritual Leadership modules to enhance every area of your life. Program outlined will be received upon registry, this journey is limited to 10 people only, please register here with your deposit. Special guests will be announced in the new year, you seriously DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

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