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Q & A Friday’s – Money & Spirituality, Do They Work Together?

Welcome to Q & A Friday’s! Today, I was presented with a question that most women have in their lives based on Spirituality & Money, I briefly touch upon it here in the Q & A as there are many depths to this question.

Listen in here and please, leave your comments below, blessings!

Q & A Fridays #3: The New Earth Children

Today’s Question was sent in through email asking about the New Children

Q: “As a parent, how can I understand how to communicate with my child when I know she is sensitive yet I cannot understand her needs? I get frustrated when what I know does not work, she does not respond to me and I am feeling my helpless as a parent.”

A:Cynthia, you are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of parents out there who feel the same way. Today’s child does not relate to old paradigms and does not conform as easily as past generations, this is something every parent must wrap their head around. YOU can learn new ways of communication and interaction with your child, to learn how to engage at her level. Children today are coming in with a high degree of mastery and wisdom, their karma is very very different from what we have gone through and the energy level in which they experience life is profoundly different, they are sensitive to the world around them and to the people who they interact with daily. The new children will call you on your ‘stuff’ and will not take a yes when it’s a no, this is something teachers and parents will have to understand, that when a child knows their truth, they know it.
I have counseled parents in StarPower* Soul Coaching Sessions how to be with their children and I personally connect to the child and we have a conversation so that the parent understands her needs. I have included this video that was taken with a client, Elaine, who hired me to help her and her son. Today, her son is enrolled into a Waldorf School, her relationship has blossomed and he is doing wonderful.

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