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Q & A Fridays #2 “The New Earth”

Today’s Q & A is from Leanna,

she asks “With the New Earth, how can we be sure that loved ones will stay with us? Some will stay, some will go so what will happen to families?”

Great question Leanna as there is mass confusion based on what people have read or believe via mass media also, which is mostly misrepresented information based on a small percentage of the truth. Here is my answer, thank you for asking!

Please send in your questions for Q & A below!

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Listen To Dolores Cannon of Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Deborah Skye On ‘Soul Therapy Radio’ Speak About The New Earth

You can also listen on Soul Therapy Radio on iTunes: Deborah Skye King on iTunes

Q & A Friday’s #1: Soul Lessons

Posted on Soul Therapy FaceBook Wall:

“When a Soul incarnates in the Earth plane the council advises the Soul of lessons that need to be met and people who will show up to deliver these messages, they usually are our greatest pain and deepest loves that we cannot be with.”

Dawn replied:

Why can’t we be with them? What’s the lesson we’re suppose to learn? Accept the pain? Learn to live as half of a whole, because you can’t be with the one you were meant to be with? Or maybe live your life for others, sacrifice your true happiness for the happiness of others? Be selfless? What’s my lesson?

Here is the answer:

Submit your Q & A here and every Friday at 11:00am we will go LIVE answering your questions about Spirituality, Relationships, Emotional & Mental Clarity, the New Children and our New Earth.

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