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StarPower* Soul Coach: Transformational Breakthroughs

What began as one session with a client grew in multitudes of personal sessions with clients from around the world, people were wanting to understand their StarPower* and integrate their personal destiny. What took place after three years of training on my part, I personally could not fathom, an exponential speed and momentum developed that I am still personally enrolling myself into. The first group of StarPower* Soul Coaches are just about complete in their training and application of the work ready to be Certified and to take on new clients of their own.

The Diamond Body StarPower* System is just about to begin and the program is aligned to my personal Shamanic trainings and experience since being a youth, teaching from around the world that I have directly experienced myself along with new teaching that come from my ancestral lineage and elders who council me.

In July the WholeLife* Transformational Breakthrough System will emerge that will last for 12 months, enabling women globally to empower themselves with tools and techniques to use in their every day world and also in their businesses.

Each StarPower* Soul Coach session that I facilitate is a powerful transducer to how an individual believe their thoughts are composed within a specific range of past experiences and how they relate to the world in which they believe they are constricted in. When problems arise the solutions are available also, and with the StarPower* Soul Coach System, your truth comes directly from your core essence which is not your limiting logical thinking but from a greater source, your StarPower* within.

With three years of comprehensive training by Master Wu, my Chinese Elemental Master Trainer who has assisted me throughout these years to understand the depth and origin of how we in the physical interact with the non-physical, enabling us to have a deep interpersonal relationship with everything in existence, if we deem ourselves worthy enough. Each step along the path of personal freedom and expression comes the responsibility to act in integrity and with honesty of where you are today, while enlisting others support, your current no’s turn into a resounding yes!

The StarPower* System enables you to grasp why and how your past conditioning is keeping you small in your personal expression, in your mind and in your personal experience with the people who love you dearly and those who you have yet to meet.

By releasing these conditions your StarPower* aligns within your current reality to ground and empower you to develop a presence which is in alignment to your Soul’s Purpose. I am more than grateful, I am humbles by being able to first hand experience the miraculous transformations that are happening daily with the StarPower* System.

I invite you to look at the StarPower* System’s programs and individual sessions and see where your attention is pulled to the most, that is where your StarPower* desired to me. Look forward to meeting you soon.

Past Lives Affecting Your Future?

One of the greatest results my clients receive is personal transformation from within themselves, feeling connected to the world around them, their families and with a clarity of purpose of why they are here. Most people are perplexed and confused in life feeling uncertain and disconnected, emotionally, mentally and physically. Past Life Regression Therapy offers a Spiritual Solution with concrete results that provides a stepping stone to embracing your future.

How Does Past Lives Affect Your Future?

Past Life Regression has been one of the most transformative core therapeutic approaches to healing that many who have entered this profession have found out, Dr. Brian Weiss MD, who I have personally trained with, is one of them.  Dr. Weiss says that “our past lives affect us in every way. Many of your most meaningful relationships are not new. That’s how you connect. Past lives also effect us in symptoms, both emotionally and physical. Certain fears and anxieties carry over. Physical symptoms, where one may have been wounded or hurt in  a previous life frequently come up. It affects us psychologically, emotionally, even in obesity.”

Past Life Regression Therapy heals unresolved issues on a multitude of levels, most are so deeply rooted in our lives that it is hard to define them and when they do show up in a session, it makes perfect sense. I work on a Soul level thereby bypassing the conscious mind (the ego) to go to the root source of the issue, allowing the truth to surface with ease and grace, it is the method of approach that is most affective for my clients who range from 6 years old to 67.

Most people are seeking solutions to their unexplainable actions or behaviors, the self sabotaging behaviors that even boggle the individual as to why they continue to experience strife and challenges that are clearly unhealthy.  Most women come to me explaining they have felt disconnected since they were children, or feeling like they don’t belong here or have suffered a quiet desperation alone for decades too tired and fed up to continue to go it alone and are now seeking advice, support, assistance through Past Life Regression Therapy and my online coaching programs.

Do you know that 83% of my clients globally have experience depression on some level within their lives, presently or have in the past?  Are you aware that if you are currently suffering from depression, anxiety, stress or having panic attacks it is not only affecting your mental state and emotional well being, but also your organs and glandular system that regulates your internal balance that supports a strong physical chi to be present in the world? Chi is your vital force, it enables you to feel strong, safe and vital within your physical body, so if you are waking up in the morning unable to function, feel mental fog throughout the day until the afternoon or have terrible sleep patterns, then your organs are speaking to you in the most effective way they know how to – your physical chi.

When you come to understand why something is making you feel the way you do, you become consciously aware and engaged in the situation, you then have the ability to change the outcomes in your life based on the knowledge received and when partnered with a supportive and heart centered coach you will begin to move mountains that once stood in your way to personal and professional success.

From my own experience of how much this work has changed my life and from the professional stand point of how many thousands of women’s lives around the world have healed, I believe everyone should be investing in their own Spiritual Development Plan. Clearing and releasing that which has kept generations of women bound, (insert here you own wounds) ultimately affecting your future, your children’s future and your relationships, forever. Let’s leave a legacy on this planet ushering in children who are empowered by receiving their parents personal transformational stories of holistic healing.

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