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How Much Do You Value Your Life?

The Value of your life all depends on how you feel about YOU! When you live from your authentic, true self, you will own your birthright and nothing will sway you.

Luminous Crystal Light

It’s 2:20am and I just got started awake as my daughter Luminous woke me from within my dream asking me in the most innocent and quizzical voice possible, “You mean I am only worth $9.30 Mommy?” she looked at me with her huge blue eyes staring up at me waiting for me to offer her a lifelong lesson and I began with “Of course not sweetie” then I shot up out of my dream and sat up in bed seeing layers over layers of what this means to me, to her, to my most loved and cherished people on this planet, and then the big one-to life itself, the Earth.

I went back into the dream and I looked at her and tried to make up some excuse of how money isn’t the value of a person and that it did not matter what the numbers meant. She was given the value of her life in what she has presently created monetary. It jolted me awake because it questions the implications of life insurance, what one creates throughout life and how much of an impact that has in one’s psyche if you hold great value on money, which most people do, society creates that imprint. To most what you own and have financially is a decree to the world of how you are represented but what if you felt unlimited in your income potential and held no structure or belief that money had power of you, what then? You would mold yourself into what you really belief you are worth-everything and anything you desire, pretty sweet.

Some people die rich, leaving a nice inheritance to their partners and children, others leave debt, most don’t leave anything because they forgot or thought it was not important to take the necessary steps to make it a topic of choice to pursue.

This dream has me questioning, “If I die how much do I personally place on how others perceive my value based on what I leave to the world?” That is what shot me up out of the dream-who and what is real in deciding who holds value and who doesn’t? YOU do!

I think of my Mother for a moment and when I read her monthly benefits from the government and the equivulent of what she is worth when she dies as a death benefit it leaves me thinking I will not let my Mother live with the awareness that she is worth more dead than alive, it’s a sick reality as many laws create that truth on paper in the minds of the people who want to make the buck. There is much I can get into here on this topic but will digress for sake of the main topic.  It’s a terrible injustice to many is all I will say.
To hear my own daughters voice quivering quizzically and inquiring with a pondering remark,

“Am I only worth 9.30$?”

I Am Free To Be ME!

“No honey, you are not.” I reply gently.

“But that is what they say I am?”Luminous retorts back to me shyly.

“I think differently, that you offer so much more to life, the value you offer is the love that you have in your heart, the gleaming beam of light that flows from your eyes, the brilliant mind that you have, the unending joy that you have to offer, the brightness of your laughter and the gentleness of your offering your love and kindness to all your animals, all 22 of them. You are worth so much more than 9.30$!”

But, it does leave a sour taste in my mouth knowing that as a child her question does merit a much more in-dept

h look at how I personally value my life and what I give to the world,  my worth and not soley monetary. How can I show the world, the Earth, the people that I love the most that I am worth a gazillion dollars and make them feel that way also? (remember, it’s not the money, but the emotion) What can I do daily to bring to my own awareness that I must show up acting and being and feeling like a billion and that every single thing matters to me in kindness and in gratitude because at any moment it can all be taken away from me, the appreciation.

It’s an absurd thought thinking that your death even amounts to money, what a system! Life and relationships are not about money, money is a relationship-but not the only one and don’t let your mind or ego fools you-if you take a moment to see the incredible value that each person you meet brings to the world, they too can begin to feel that they also have to step up to the plate so they can be accountable to their greatness,you can be a mirror to their brilliance.

The world would be a different place and all we have to do is change how we perceive our personal value, quantify it and then take the steps to create what we know deep in our heart what we can offer and who we can be.

Thank you Luminous for another great insight and teaching. May it never stop.

Love Mommy

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